How to Take Your Music to the Next Level

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Being in any creative industry right now is tough. With not a lot of support for those working either freelance or without a label, bringing your music to the ears of more people is hard going. Whether you’ve been in this game a while or you’re just starting out, taking your music to the next level is most artists’ dream. There isn’t one streamlined way to break into the business, and it’s very rare that it happens overnight. Below we have compiled a few ways in which you could turn that dream into a reality.

Social Media

In today’s world, a social media presence is a must for musicians. What easier way to promote yourself than hopping onto your Instagram page and adding a pic of your new single? Marketing is tricky, especially if you are always focused on writing new tracks or EPs. Creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok would be a huge boost in your coverage. Posting on these mediums consistently is a great way to keep your followers up to date with press pieces, what is being released, and your roadmap coming forward.

Public Relations

Growing your projects in an explosive and organic way is a tricky task. However, that is exactly what companies like can do for you. They help artists and bands to navigate the modern music industry with personalised methods. Utilising popular streaming platforms, they promote your work in a dedicated, professional and passionate way. Having that helping hand when you’re looking to grow is huge in this industry, but having strategies based on years of knowledge makes that jump easier.


Making it on your own isn’t impossible, but collaborating with another musician has many advantages – one of those being that your exposure immediately increases when you bring in another musician with their own followers. Making sure to utilise the aforementioned social media platforms, combining with another artist for a song or more will identify you to new listeners. On a more creative level, when there is more than just you writing or jamming, you can open a whole new door in the possibilities of your art. Your style might be pushed or accentuated by having clashing genres. It’s also just nice to meet others who are in your position. You’ll be able to share tips and stories with each other. Who knows, you might even make a new friend! 

Virtual Gigs

Right now, there aren’t many live gigs still going ahead. That doesn’t mean that the show can’t go on. The music industry has adapted by going online. You can host an online gig from places like Facebook Live or Twitch for free. If you have all the necessary equipment at home and you’re itching to get back into gigging, then playing online is just for you. You can do these for your followers free or charge or for tickets. Either way, a live show will attract new fans and let you dust off those entertainment cobwebs.

Taking your music to the next level might seem difficult in these trying times, but there are still effective ways to go about it.

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