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Influencer Marketing Is Growing, Here’s Why It’s Popular

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More and more, brands develop more marketing strategies with influencers. The reason? Its closeness to users, the feeling of belonging and the improvement of engagement -or bond of the client with the brand. Today it is time to reveal the main advantages of these marketing actions, aimed at improving the image and credibility of brands, as well as increasing online visibility and, ultimately, sales. At present, to promote our clients on the Internet, they must have recommenders or influencers of the firm. These are people whose opinion generates influence, as well as commitment among followers. They are the main reasons that lead us to have the services of influencers. Either on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or video platforms like Youtube or Vimeo. If you need assistance finding the influencers, then some companies can help you with that, such as unrulyagency.com.

Reach a very specific and segmented audience

Some YouTubers and Instagrammers count their subscribers in the millions. That is why their videos and blog posts have more audience than any conventional newspaper or radio or television program. In this way, the firm that strengthens ties with an Instagrammer or YouTube star can ensure a higher diffusion rate thanks to them. Today, Instagram influencers are the most abundant. They carry out campaigns for a very specific and segmented audience, especially in sectors such as fashion, gastronomy and lifestyle.

A greater power of persuasion and conviction for the purchase

Recent Twitter studies indicate that, for 49% of people who have social networks, a message sent by influencers has almost the same influence as friends and family. A person who is inspiring to us on social networks has a great power of persuasion and conviction for the purchase of their followers. With regard to the dissemination platforms of brands, the highest purchasing power is that of social networks.

Identification with the person and their values

Social media users look for stories that thrill. Therefore, influencers wield great power. Especially when they talk about a certain product or service through the feelings, they experience with them. Instagrammers exist because they are social reference models. People want to look like them, dress like them, do what they do. A brand with a good influencer marketing strategy should try to choose the most appropriate person and related to the values ​​and image of its brand. Before this choice, the company must define what type of collaboration it wishes to establish. And what are the concrete actions to be developed by the influencer? The more precise the campaign, the better its impact.

Increase visibility

One way to gain a presence on social media is through influencers. Sometimes the results are better than what could be achieved with a traditional advertising campaign. If you have an influencer who has millions of followers, then the chances are that if they promote your brand, at least a quarter of them will see you. 

Generate engagement

Another key to influencer marketing is to generate engagement through strategies with personalities with many followers on social networks. In this way, companies can position themselves in the market quickly and effectively. Currently, blogs are the first source of consultation in online shopping. The figures reach up to 50%. This means that the effect is due to the engagement generated by influencer campaigns.

Improve online reputation

When it comes to branding, influencer marketing can help bring visibility and credibility to your business. There is an opportunity to reach an audience that maintains a relationship of trust with the influencer.

Millennials referral channel

Did you know that 85% of people born from the 80s use social networks as their preferred channel of communication? Brands interested in reaching millennials understand that the best way to access them is through networks.

Ability to create interaction with customers

The audience follows the influencers. And they do so because they want to, not because they are impacted by advertising in an invasive way. The consequence and main difference with traditional advertising is the ability to know the audience immediately (according to the number of followers), and the interaction generated (likes, comments, shares …).

Actions with influencers improve SEO

Likewise, strategies with influencers contribute to SEO positioning. Why? The answer is simple. In general, the most loyal and active followers of influencers echo what their referents say. In this way, if an influencer creates content about a brand, the chances that their fans will also do so. Finally, the amount of user-generated content about a brand benefits search engine positioning.

Now you know, you can certainly seek to improve your engagement rates, and power of conviction, maximum reference. It’s time to start a new marketing chapter if you haven’t already.

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