Is A Bespoke Suit Really Worth It?

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When it comes to buying a suit, there are plenty of people that argue bespoke is always best. But you can get some pretty nice off the rack suits, so do you really need to go for a custom made one, especially considering the price? 

In truth, there is no right answer here and it really depends on your personal situation. If you can’t decide whether bespoke suits are right for you or not, check out some of the pros and cons below. 

The Fit Is Better 

Even though you can find a suit that is close to your fit when you buy off the rack, it will never be perfect. The thing is, a suit doesn’t look great if it doesn’t fit very well. Some people with fairly regular body shapes don’t have a problem finding an off the rack suit that looks good. But if you have a slightly unusual body shape, you may have trouble and bespoke suits can really help. 

They’re Expensive 

The obvious downside to bespoke suits is the cost. Compared to an off the rack suit, you will pay a lot more money. This is because the tailor has to take all of your measurements, source the material, and then put in the time to make it. Whereas an off the rack suit will be made using machines for the most part, and even if it is handmade, it’s cheaper to make lots of suits in standard sizes. If you are interested in frugal men’s fashion, it may be better to invest in an off the rack suit and have it tailored instead of getting one custom made. If you use some high-end accessories with it, you can still get the same look. 

They Last Longer 

The quality of a bespoke suit is usually much better than anything you can buy off the rack, so it lasts a lot longer. This is important because a good suit is a timeless wardrobe staple that never goes out of style, so you will get a lot of use out of it over the years. So, even though a bespoke suit is more expensive to begin with, you may actually save money in the long term because you don’t need to keep replacing it. If you only wear a suit every now and again, an off the rack one will probably be fine. However, if you get a lot of wear out of your suits, a bespoke one is probably the better option and will save you money overall. 

It Takes Time To Make 

The process of being measured and fitted for a bespoke suit can be time-consuming and you usually have to go for a few fittings before the final suit is ready to go. Some people simply don’t want to put that much time into buying a new suit, and if you need an outfit in a hurry for an event of some kind, bespoke isn’t really an option. 

Bespoke suits are ideal if you struggle to find the right fit, and they can save you money if you wear a suit on a regular basis. However, if you only wear a suit every now and again, you might not need to spend that much on a custom suit. 


Lisa Smalls is a freelance writer from North Carolina. She loves writing about all things interior design. When she isn’t writing, you can find her rearranging her furniture or brainstorming which room to paint next.

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