Live Entertainment that Works for Virtual Events

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Virtual events have become the norm in 2020 with the COVID pandemic. While they’ve been increasing in popularity for a while, the social distancing requirements have pushed them front and center. Not only are many people working from home, but they’re attending webinars, fundraising galas, workshops, conferences, and parties virtually.

Forbes reported that as of May 2020, only a couple of months or so into the pandemic, virtual events were up 1000 percent since COVID 19 on just one platform. With so many live events like concerts postponed or canceled during the COVID pandemic, everything from music to comedy shows has been transformed into virtual events. They can make life better while helping the performers at the same time. 

Of course, no event is really complete without some kind of live entertainment, and that’s just as true when it comes to virtual events. If you’re planning to host one in the near future, these options tend to work the best. 

Comedy Performances

With prerecorded or live comedy performances or a hybrid of both, nearly all platforms can accommodate this type of entertainment. Planners who want to book a comedian can select from a wide range of shows, from clean, family-friendly sketch comedy to celebrity comedians and more. 

Motivational Speakers

If you’re hosting an online conference, you can include a motivational speaker from anywhere in the world provided, you both have internet access. There is a wide range of options available for all sorts of conferences and other corporate events if you’re hoping to inspire and boost motivation among your staff, come up with new ideas, or simply invest in your employees by providing helpful information.

Magic and Mentalism

Mentalism and magic are two art forms that can easily translate from life to virtual without loss of impact. There are performers who can provide both virtual magic acts and mind readings for brief or extended periods that allow the audience to participate. When there is audience participation, even if it’s virtual, it usually makes for an event to be remembered for many years to come.


Bringing an artist to a virtual business event is a great way to engage your audience with a unique type of entertainment. They can create real-time illustrations during panel discussions for entertaining takeaways and graphical representations that are widely shareable and can be used for future marketing materials.

Game Show Entertainment

Hosts can also score game show entertainment, perhaps Family Feud-style, which works well for virtual events that have a lot of participants. For example, a Virtual Feud Game Show includes a host who reads out the survey to participating teams, starts a 60-second clock, and then utilizes meeting-based private chat functions to engage the other event-goers. 

Music Concerts

Just because your event is online doesn’t mean you have to cancel the music. Musical performances tend to translate particularly well to virtual events. With so many people missing the fun of attending concerts, incorporating a performance is a great way to bring the entertainment to them. Whether you’re hosting a virtual party, fundraiser, or any other event, just like every other part of the industry, all types of music entertainment can help make your online event one to remember. 








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