Perfecting The Smart Casual Vibe On Zoom

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With everyone working from home at the moment, the way we have meetings with clients and our boss has morphed from something physical to virtual. The advent of Zoom, Skype, and Teams has meant that we can still enjoy the nine AM Monday morning briefing with our staff team and we can still head to after work ‘virtual’ drinks on a Friday at six PM. However, we can become a little unstuck when it comes to the fashion etiquette and potential faux pas when attending a virtual meeting at work. Is suited and booted still appropriate? Probably not, but you need to perfect the smart casual look so you err on the side of smart rather than casual. Follow this guide to help you perfect the smart casual vibe on Zoom.

Top Half

When you are on Zoom, your boss may insist that you have your video on at all times. While you can blur out the embarrassing DVD collection on your bookcase in the background, your fashion credentials will be on show. You may assume that your boss wants to see your face just to ensure that you aren’t pitched up on your sofa in your pajamas and you might be right. However, it’s time to focus on your top half to ensure that your boss is impressed with your attire. A shirt is always appropriate. While the tie and the cufflinks might not be necessary, go for a shirt that is relatively tailored but that shows off your personality a little more. The shirts available from Gitman Vintage hark back to a 1950s sort of vibe and have a range of patterns from standard plaid to Hawaiian print.

Alternatively, you could opt for the turtle neck jumper alongside a blazer for those chillier days. R maybe you want to embrace the colder season by opting for a chunkier knit. Go for a style that you are comfortable with but that you wouldn’t wear just to watch the latest box set on Netflix.


It’s crucial that you don’t simply roll out of bed to switch on your laptop and load up Zoom. While your bottom half can be very forgiving and you can get away with wearing your tracksuit bottoms with your slippers because they won’t appear on screen, your face will. Comb your hair, brush your teeth, and ensure that you look presentable. If you can keep your hair in check, get it cut regularly either in a salon or at home. If you are meeting clients virtually, this is even more important. You still need to look presentable and professional to your business stakeholders.

Set Up

If you meet your clients and staff team regularly on Zoom, ensure that you have a professional looking set-up where you can do your work from home. Cluttered and messy backgrounds look hugely unprofessional and create the wrong impression. Try and set up a home office space where you can do your work in peace. There’s nothing worse than barking dogs, screaming kids, and blaring TV sets encroaching on your work meetings.

Working from home can be a challenge, but virtual meetings have made connectivity a breeze. Stay professional and perfect the smart casual vibe to get the most out of your flexible working.



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