Staying COVID Safe At Work

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We all know how difficult 2020 has been for everyone. From businesses closing to not being able to see our loved ones, it has been a testing time that has made most of us realize what is important. 

If you are looking to head back into your office at work fairly soon this year, there are a lot of things that have changed and ways you need to keep yourself safe. 

Today we are going to take a look at some of the things you need to do to stay safe when you go back to work during covid

Wear a mask 

The first thing you can do to keep yourself safe along with others is to wear a mask when you get out of your car and until you sit at your desk. The more you are able to minimize breathing in the air of others, the safer you will be and also the safe everyone around you will be. Wear a mask until you are behind your desk or in your car and this way you’ll be safe and sound all day long. 

Apply hand sanitizer 

Hand sanitizer has become many of our best friends this year and it is a great tool to use. Hand sanitizer is made from alcohol and will kill pretty much anything it comes into contact with. By keeping some at your desk, in your bag, and in your car you’ll be able to clean hands regularly and minimize the risk of spreading the disease to yourself or to others. 

Keep your distance 

It goes without saying that the less contact you have with people outside your household the better for everyone. It is important for you to consider keeping your distance from everyone you meet during work. Desks should not be closer than 6 feet apart during this time, and seats in the break room should be spread apart or blocked from use. Stay safe and keep your distance and this will make a big amount of distance to you.

Get corporate onsite COVID-19 testing.

Getting tested is one of the most effective ways of preventing an outbreak in your office by helping identify active cases before they spread. You can do that with an onsite service such as Drip Hydration, which provides  corporate on site COVID testing in San Diego administered by licensed nurses in your workplace. You can receive results within as little as 15 minutes of your test for peace of mind.

Bring your own cup 

When heading into the office for the first time after lockdown you need to consider what you will eat and drink throughout the day. It is very likely that your office building will have stopped the use of microwaves or other public appliances to minimize the spread, meaning you need to bring something in that is ok to eat cold. You also need to bring your own cup for brews because you don’t want to risk using one of the cups from the office that may not have been cleaned properly after the last person. 

Get cleaning 

Thankfully many offices will have already invested in professional office cleaning services for the space during the pandemic, but there are a few things you can do too. Throughout the day you can bring some antibacterial wipes to work with you and wipe down your desk, keyboard and mouse before use. Before you leave for the day make sure to do it again and the more you are able to do this the less risk you have of catching anything. 


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