The Dos and Don’ts of Shaving in 2020

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Shaving in 2020 is actually not all that different to shaving back in the 50s. While it might seem more convenient to purchase disposable razor or a plastic razor with heads you can pop on and off whenever you like, there are many reasons you shouldn’t. Not only do these razors not produce closest shave by a long shot, they are absolutely awful for the planet. They can cause serious harm to the planet, environment, and wildlife. If you want a closer shave, to save a lot of money, and to help the planet, then you need to pay close attention to these dos and don’ts of shaving in 2020. 

Don’t Use A Disposable Razor 

Stop using your disposable razor now. It might be cheaper in the short term to buy a pack and throw each one away after a few shaves, but it’s really no good for the environment. Even buying the replaceable heads and attaching them to your razor handle is bad for the environment. One of the best things you can do in 2020 is purchase a straight razor kit. They are better for the environment, help to produce a much smoother shave, and will save you a lot of money! 

Do Use A Nice Soap

Once you have your straight razor kit, make sure you avoid shave gel. Again, shave gel isn’t great for the environment because of the packaging. Not only that, it simply isn’t the best thing to shave with. Using a special shaving soap, or even just an antibacterial soap, and really lathering up the area to be shaved can produce a smoother shave with less irritation. 

Don’t Reuse The Blade More Than 3 Times

Make sure you don’t reuse the blade in your razor more than three times. The razor has two sides you can use, which is convenient, but it will dull fairly quickly. Luckily, you can buy a pack of 100 blades and this should last you for many shaves. If you do try to use a blade too many times, you’ll get a stubbly shave, irritation, and maybe even some bleeding. 

When it’s time to get rid of a blade, it can be a good idea to pop them into a safe little jar or container so that you can dispose of them properly altogether later on. You can take them to your local recycling centre and put them in the scrap metal container once you have filled your jar, but you will need to check with your local authority to be sure you know exactly what to do. 

Do Spend Time Softening The Hairs 

Don’t just apply your soap and begin shaving right away. Take time softening the hairs, working in the product and ensuring total coverage. This will make a big difference to your results and how easy it is to use the razor. There’s a reason many men still use a brush to lather product into their facial hair before shaving. You should work the product into any area to be shaved before beginning. 

Don’t Rush

Make sure you have time to shave. Luckily, many people really begin to enjoy the process of using a straight razor and find it quite therapeutic. If you rush, then you could easily nick yourself and end up bleeding. You need to let the razor do most of the work, simply holding the handle and allowing it to glide over the skin. Take your time and enjoy this as a form of self care. 

Do Know How To Avoid Irritation 

Avoiding irritation can be about your blade and the product, but it’s also about your technique. Rather than immediately shaving against the grain, first go in the direction of the hair growth, and then against the grain. This never really works with disposable razors, as they simply aren’t sharp enough or equipped for the job, and so they leave body parts stubbly and course. You can easily do this with a safety razor and get great results because the blade is so sharp. This way, you’ll still end up with a smooth shave and you’ll avoid any nasty bumps or itchy areas. 

If you have particularly sensitive skin, using a sensitive soap, and applying a good moisturizing cream after the shave can help you to keep irritation and bumps at bay. 

Shaving in 2020 can be a therapeutic activity – follow the above advice and you’ll see for yourself how much good you can do for the planet and your wallet. 


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