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The saying, ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, has been in use for such a long time to show how wild it can get when you visit. The main assumption when saying this usually is that you will gamble all your money or get drunk in the many clubs in the area. As such, many people do not consider Vegas a holiday or get together destination.

The opposite of this is true. There is so much one can do in Vegas that you are bound to be spoilt for choice. If you plan to go to Vegas and want to do something interesting, you will have an entire bucket list of things. These are some of the things you can do while you are in Vegas.

Organize a bachelor party

If you or one of your friends is getting cuffed, then there is no other place to celebrate the last bachelor days like Vegas. The area boasts of hosting the craziest stag do parties. You can hire a hotel room or club hop from one club to another. The number of strip joints available will have you spoilt for choice over where to visit next. Vegas makes for the best place to make memories before one settles down into the life of a husband and father.

Have a wedding

If you and your spouse love the crazy life that is in Vegas, then saying ‘I do’ in this city would be a dream come true for your both. There are so many chapels and wedding reception places to choose from. Remember when you are planning for a wedding in Las Vegas that they have many people who want to wed there. As such, you might be put on a long waiting list before you get an opening. Remember to be punctual and plan ahead of time lest you miss out on your dream wedding location. If you are one of the people who do not mind doing a last-minute wedding, then this is the best place to do is as there are certified ministers who do so without needing you to go through so many processes.

Scavenger hunts

If you love the adventure that comes with scavenger hunts, then Vegas is the place to be. There are so many parks explicitly built for this, and you and your friends can plan and go for one of these. Scavenger hunts make for great group activities and are kid-friendly, so they would be perfect if you choose to travel with family.


We cannot talk about Vegas and forget to mention the casinos. There are so many casinos in Vegas that any gambler would be delighted to visit. You can play in the various casinos available in the city. One thing you need to remember is not to spend all your money in one place. It would help if you gave almost everything a try before you settle on for what works for you.  


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