Will Better Mental Health Improve My Physical Health?

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In the past five years, there has been an extensive amount of research released expressing the notion that physical health improves mental health. As you move your body and integrate exercise into your weekly regimen, there are many positive side effects including the release of stress and an increase in mental clarity. However, could the opposite be true? Does focusing on improved mental health help to improve your physical well being? In this article, we will talk about the facts regarding the effects of mental health on physical health.

Does Mental Health Improve Physical Health?

In many ways, improved mental wellbeing improves physical condition. When you focus on self-care and begin improving your relationship with yourself, you will develop a greater confidence. This confidence will increase your willingness to try something new and work towards a goal. In addition, built up stress may cause your body to hold on to extra pounds. When your stress levels decrease, your cortisol levels will begin to stabilize, reducing the amount of excess weight that your body is clinging to. 

In addition to stress and confidence, increased energy comes as a result of improved mental health. When you are struggling with anxiety or depression, it is easy to feel discouraged and unenergized towards daily tasks. With an improved ability to focus the energy of both your brain and body, you will have more capacity to do physically demanding work.

How Do I Take Steps Towards Improving Mental Health?

If you are looking to improve your mental health, you must start from square one. What is holding you back? What are the mindset shifts that need to be made in order for you to have a better attitude towards yourself and towards life? For many people, step one is talking to a counselor. When you have a lot of negative thoughts tangled up in your mind, it can be difficult to identify their source. You may want to get quality online counselling to help you overcome the mental challenges you are facing. 

After starting the conversation with a licensed therapist, get to know yourself. What triggers your anxiety? What activities truly help you unwind after a stressful day? Discovering these things about yourself will help you understand how to channel your emotions and mindset during stressful seasons.

How Do I Integrate Fitness Into My Routine?

With an improved mental state, you may desire to start adding exercise into your routine. When you begin working out regularly, start small. If you realize movement helps you to unwind after a long day, try to go for a run after work. If stretching helps to relieve tension and center your mind, try doing a few minutes of yoga before work or during your lunch break. When you start caring about your mental and physical health, you can find a sustainable routine that works to improve your overall well being.


Mental health plays an important role in physical health. When you have more energy and agency throughout the day, you will feel an increased capacity to take care of your body. Channel your newfound energy into activities that benefit your overall health. When you practice self-care, you become more in touch with yourself. This awareness will help you discover the form of exercise that is uplifting for you.

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