4 Best Dubai Business Clubs for Hosting Events & Conferences in 2021

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Thanks to super-fantastic business clubs, Dubai is a well-recognized place when it comes to hosting international business events, meetings, summits, and networking assemblies. Dubai is the largest city in the UAE and offers deluxe, impressive, and contemporary places for its high-status VIP clients. Read the article to get to know about business clubs that are going to be a big hit in 2021.

#1: Ambassadors Club

Number 1 on my list is the Ambassadors Club, which is considered more than a business club. Ambassador Club offers a place that is intensely focused on a luxurious lifestyle, exclusive entertainment, shared experiences, and fascinated discoveries. This business club is designed in the most beautiful manner that can cater to events from all walks of life. Ambassadors Club owns a reputable position in the market when it comes to serving needs for business networking events, art exhibitions, sports activities, cultural exchange programs, political events, influential parties, and travel-related get-togethers. Ambassadors Club Dubai ensures impressive services—absolutely tailored to the client’s demands. Executive Members can expect exclusive recreations, nightlife, sports events, chef’s table & special gastronomical creations, and luxury trips at Ambassadors Club.

#2: Capital Club Dubai

Capital Club Dubai is one of the high-rated venues in the Middle East to host networking events. It is a private business club that has to offer an active and energizing place to its executive members for hosting commendable events. The club has other fine places inside like a botanical garden, swimming area, sports bar, night club, D5 executive gym, barbarian Italian salon, deluxe restaurants, and private dining rooms. Capital Club Dubai is located at the Gate Village, Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC), which is considered the most feasible location to host formal events. This club has been recently renovated in July 2020 in order to be the best sought-after private members club in Dubai. The club is now fully functional to host exclusive social and business networking events in 2021.

#3: Diplomat Business Club

Diplomat Business Club is considered a great initiative in the entire region of the UAE when it comes to hosting high-end events and parties. The place has to offer quality services & a pleasant ambiance to the business community and private/executive members. Diplomat Business Club holds an immense history of hosting high-profile events, seminars, conferences, and activities. Many influential personalities from different countries including CEOs of Fortune Companies, Royal Family, Consul Generals, Parliamentarians, and Foreign Ambassadors have graced this place with their presence. It is a prestigious global networking club that hosts international diplomat colloquiums, youth networking events to promote social & cultural exchange programs, social media influencers’ seminars, art exhibitions, musical nights, fashion shows, book/poetry festivals, etc.

#4: Emirates World Club

Lastly, I have got the Emirates World Club on my list, which is a little bit more when it comes to offering VIP services in Dubai. Emirates World Club delivers extensive services to elite residents, families, and companies in Dubai. This club is well-known for its high-quality lifestyle management amenities. Emirates World Club can be a great choice for incoming travelers in 2021 because of its bespoke and extraordinary packages. Emirates World Club can bring a variety of services including restaurants, bars, night clubs, event planning & execution, interior and exterior improvements, concerts, festivals, social events, beauty & fitness services, health consulting, and much more.

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