4 Car Repair Tips After a Crash

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Car accidents are unexpected, and when they occur, you can be caught off-guard on how to get your vehicle back on the road since repairs can be expensive. Here are some tips on how you can easily get your car repaired after an accident.

What does your insurance cover?

If you are not at fault, you have the freedom of choosing the insurance company to use; your insurer or the offender’s insurer. Your choice chiefly depends on the type of accident insurance cover you have. A comprehensive and collision coverage have expensive monthly subscriptions that cover all forms of accident-related damage. On the other hand, if you only have liability coverage, you might be forced to go after the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Going through an at-fault driver’s insurer is trickier and takes longer as the car accident claim has to be processed. However, if you use your insurer, the terms of the contract will expedite the process, and they will be willing to cover the cost of repairs minus the deductible amount. Thus, it is wise to go through all your insurance options and select the easiest and convenient company to cover your repairs.

Select a suitable repair shop

Most insurance companies have pre-existing partnerships with one or two repair shops where they might refer you. However, you are not obliged to use these shops as their partnership agreement with your insurer binds them. Find an auto that is suitable for your car repair needs. For instance, if you are seeking collision repair help in Columbus OH, your insurer will request you to present at least three repair shops in the region that offer the repairs at similar costs as their preferred shops.

Dealing with insurance companies isn’t the best of experiences, but they should not stop you from getting your car repaired by a professional of your choice.

Is your car worth fixing?

If your car is drivable after the accident, you can opt to either get it fixed or not. For instance, if the vehicle has an estimated $2000 worth of damages, you can choose to pick the cash and drive your totaled car away. The insurance company owes you the money whether the car is fixed or not. You can walk away with the money and improve the car at your convenience.

However, your insurance company might exclude the damaged portion of your car from future repairs in case of an accident. Remember, body damages significantly depreciate your vehicle’s value, and failure to replace damaged parts can deem your vehicle worthless.

Must you keep the car?

If your car is completely wrecked and the repair valuation exceeds its market value, your insurance company has the option of paying you the value of your vehicle. In such a case, you must ensure that the company does a thorough market analysis and evaluation before settling on a value. Nonetheless, it is the best option as it cuts the hassle of repairing the wrecked car.


Car repairs are expensive, and getting insurance compensation can be challenging if you are at fault. However, if you are the victim, you have several options you can opt for depending on the accident’s nature.



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