5 Natural Methods for Growing Longer Lashes

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We all want naturally long and luscious lashes and would do just about anything to get them. But who wants to apply chemicals they cannot pronounce? Is it worth subjecting your eyes to chemicals in the hopes of growing long eyelashes? 

Before you turn again to lash serums or synthetic extensions, give these proven, natural methods a try and watch your lashes grow!

1. Get the Right Mascara

Mascara is something we apply to our eyelashes most regularly, and yet we pay so little attention to what is going so close to our eyes most often. 

Mascaras can also serve more than just an aesthetic purpose. Look for a lash growth mascara that contains natural ingredients that won’t harm the eyes. These natural options have vitamins proven to promote lash growth. 

Products like this function for your everyday beauty needs and provide long-term benefits that will help you grow longer lashes. If you are looking for longer lashes, making sure your eyelashes are healthy. It will lead to the most growth. 

2. Step Away from the Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers may help you achieve your desired look quickly, but this will provide only short term benefits and potentially do long-term damage to your lashes. 

If you are looking to grow your lashes, the first step is to avoid damaging them. Eyelash curlers can lead to premature loss of lashes and potentially stunt their growth. 

If you find it is difficult to avoid using the eyelash curler, try different brushes and techniques of brushes that give your lashes a lift without crimping them between two pieces of metal. While they may not reach that same effect that a curler would provide, you will be happy in the long run when you have longer, healthier lashes. 

3. Natural Oils

Who knew you might have the secret to long lashes just sitting in your house? Some studies show that oils, such as castor oil, are effective against hair loss. The science suggests that it may be the ricinoleic acid found in castor oil that promotes hair growth and can help lashes grow thicker and longer. 

This oil is standard in beauty products. It is safe to use as long as you check that it is indeed pure castor oil and that you don’t personally have an allergy. 

Apply a small amount that is diluted with water to your lashes before you go to bed. You’ll forget it’s there until you wash it off in the morning! 

4. Green Tea

The next time you enjoy a cup of green tea, maybe take a second look at that tea bag. 

Green tea has many health benefits, including weight loss and clearer skin. However, few realize its potential as a hair growth stimulant

While using tea bags on the eyes is typical for reducing redness and relieve stress, you can now use this method for promoting the growth of your eyelashes. 

5. Moisturize

Just as we moisturize our faces and use conditioner on our hair, moisturizing is essential for lashes as well. 

Coconut oil protects hair and moisturizes it. By applying coconut oil to your lashes, you can grow healthier lashes that are thicker and longer. 

You can apply coconut oil with a clean mascara brush and brush it on as you would mascara. It is an inexpensive way to moisturize and heal your lashes. 


Turning to serums, extensions, and unnatural treatments can be both expensive and harmful to your eyes. When you try these natural methods, your lashes will thank you as they grow longer and healthier. 

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