5 Water Sports You and Your Friends Should Try

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Water sports are a great way to wind down and have fun with friends. According to Statista, about 13.6% of people six years and older are engaged in water sports. The most common water sport is swimming, but there are several other ones you can try and you’ll have a great time, including the five below. 


A kayak is a small boat that looks much like a canoe but is smaller,  seats one person, and is close to the water. In a kayak, the paddler sits facing forward with the legs in front and uses a double-bladed paddle which is pulled front-to-back to propel the kayak through the water. Kayaks can be made out of several materials with varying advantages. There are even DIY kayak outriggers you can find online to see which best suits what you want to try with your friends.


This is a relatively new sport that has grown exponentially in interest from people the world over. It is fun but quite risky and requires you to have a helmet on at all times. You are attached to a board which is connected to a watercraft via a long hose. Pressure-forced water is forced through a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath to thrust the driver into the air. It can achieve heights of up to 22 meters in the air and can also enable the rider to dive headfirst into the water for as deep as they can. If you have daredevil friends, this is the perfect water sport for you.

Water skiing

This is a favorite water sport that a lot of people love. It requires a sufficient area of water, a towboat, one or two skis, and a personal floatation device. Water skiing is achieved by securing your feet to the skis and being dragged over the water by an attachment to the boat. The other thing needed to enjoy this fun water sport is having good balance, muscular stamina, and good body strength.

Kite surfing

This is usually described as an extreme sport and used to be quite dangerous. However, a lot of safety concerns around kitesurfing have been addressed and it is now relatively safer. Kite surfing is achieved by harnessing wind power via a controllable power kite that is propelled across the water. This is another awesome water sport to consider if you and your friends have an adrenaline rush.


This is technically not a water sport but will bring you into contact with water now and again. The sport involves moving through canyons by employing a mix of other outdoor activities such as; climbing, jumping, abseiling, walking, and sometimes swimming. It requires you to be in shape and in good form as it usually takes place in remote and harsh environments and you will be required to have navigational and survival skills, emergency kits, and special gear to traverse the terrain.

Making memories with friends is a sure way of deepening the bond you share and what better way than to engage in these water sports?

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