5 Ways to Make Your Recovery From Surgery Easier

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No one has ever looked forward to having surgery unless the procedure will repair an injury or reduce chronic pain. Much of the hesitance felt towards surgery comes from the long and sometimes painful recovery process.

Depending on the complexity of your surgery, it could take weeks to recover with intense attention to care, or it could be just a few days. Speeding up your recovery period so that you can get back to work and your normal activities take dedication and adherence to your doctor’s instructions.

Going under the knife can be intimidating, and if anything were to go wrong, you would have to consult with a professional attorney like the experts at The Tinker Law Firm. Most surgeries are relatively routine in this modern world, and it can be up to you to determine how smoothly your recovery progresses. Let’s look at a few ways to make your recovery from surgery more comfortable.

Follow All Instructions

When you are released to go home following your surgery, you will be given a list of your medical team’s instructions about your post-operative care. Although some of these instructions may seem silly or unimportant, they are all listed for a specific reason that will help your healing process. To speed up your recovery, you should follow every instruction to the letter, including attending all of your follow-up appointments with your doctor.

Incision Care

Your surgery incision can be vulnerable to infection. One of the most critical ways to speed up your recovery is to pay close attention to your incision care. Preventing infection and following proper sanitization habits like washing your hands before changing your incision dressing is essential for proper healing. Keeping a close eye on your incision condition will help you notice any changes that could indicate a problem. Thoroughly inspect your incision several times a day for any discoloration, weeping, or swelling.

Healthy Diet

Your body needs the right fuel to heal efficiently. When you are recovering from surgery, much of your energy will go into tissue regeneration, so it’s crucial to eat a healthy diet loaded with minerals and nutrients. Staying hydrated during surgery recovery can help you to flush your system of any remaining anesthetic, promote proper digestion, and promote healthy tissue growth.


Your body does much of its healing while sleeping, so it’s essential to get enough rest to help speed up your recovery. Although too much sitting around may not be recommended, you should try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Manage your pain with your prescribed medications to give you enough comfort to get the rest you need.

Move Carefully

Depending on where your incision is, movement may be difficult for the first few days. Abdominal incisions are exceptionally tender and can be felt through every movement of your core. Move slowly, take care when coughing or sneezing, and let your body rest when needed.

Being sidelined after surgery can be physically and mentally exhausting. Always follow your doctor’s advice, take proper care of your incision, and adopt a healthy diet and sleeping habits to help you recover from your surgery easier.

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