6 Reasons to Start Vaping Instead of Smoking

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People get into smoking because of peer pressure, to look cool, their idols do it, or someone in the family also smokes. But once they get in, the addiction develops, and it gets hard to ever leave.

Fortunately, vaping can help smokers get over the habit and move towards living a healthier lifestyle. There have been countless debates over the benefits of vaping over smoking for many years, and it’s not over yet.

However, the growing popularity of vapes around the world and the customer reviews tell a different story. So, let’s look into how vaping is better than smoking.

Less of a Health Hazard

You might be well aware that smoking is commonly associated with lung and mouth cancer. Not only that, but smoking is also associated with heart diseases and many other conditions. It’s a scientific fact that smoking can harm your health and cause incurable diseases. 

But, vapes are different. You can see more on that below.

Fewer Harmful Chemicals

If you look into the chemicals a cigarette contains, you will see many harmful substances and toxins. These include cyanide, nicotine, lead, ammonia, carbon monoxide, and so many more. It’s not like there are a handful of chemicals because at least 24 of the substances can lead to cancer when you smoke them. 

But the situation is much different for vape juices. They contain far fewer chemicals. Primarily, vape juice contains PG, VG, and flavoring. You can actually read about the ingredients before purchasing the vape juices. 

Less Addictive –Helps Quit Smoking

The substance that causes addiction to tobacco cigarette smoking is nicotine. It’s present in all the cigarettes and in high amounts.

When you look into vape juices, you will see that they either don’t have any nicotine at all or they have various concentrations of it. That’s why you can choose a non-addictive vape juice or a mildly addictive one compared to cigarettes. 

To quit smoking, you can choose vape juice that has lower concentration of nicotine than tobacco cigarettes. Slowly, you can further reduce the concentration and then bring it down to zero.

More Affordable

While you have to buy an e cigarette at first, vaping costs are not nearly as much as what you might be spending on cigarettes in a year. Even if you look at how much juices cost, the costs don’t come anywhere near what an average smoker spends on tobacco cigarettes a year. Also, tobacco products are heavily taxed around the world. 

Not As Dangerous To Others

You might be well aware that smoking is also bad for anyone around a person who is smoking. It’s called passive or second-hand smoking. Even passive smokers have a higher than average chance of developing various diseases and cancers.

On the other hand, vaping is much safer for anyone in the immediate vicinity. The vapors that are exhaled also don’t smell at all or have a flavorful aroma.  

Safer For the Environment

Tobacco smoke can be dangerous to other people’s health, but it can also cause harm to the environment. The cigarette smoke that you inhale contributes to atmospheric pollution and has a greenhouse effect, not much different from vehicles. 

But other than harming the environment, smoking is also a safety hazard. It’s a well-known fact that many people simply discard the cigarette butts randomly or where there a bunch already. Many fires start because of these cigarette butts. 

With vapes, you don’t have to worry about the fumes that you would exhale. Vapes also don’t have any ash or remaining residue that you need to dispose of. 


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