All You Need To Know About Microblading

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Your friends might have spoken about it, or you’ve seen it on Instagram, but what exactly is microblading? You know it has something to do with your eyebrows, but you’re unsure about the exact technique or what to expect. In today’s post, you’ll learn all the key things to know about microblading – starting with a definition!
What is microblading?
Microblading is a unique cosmetic beauty treatment that works on shaping and filling in the eyebrows. It calls upon a special device that creates very small strokes in the skin under your eyebrows. In essence, it’s like a pen, sketching on your new eyebrows. The process is basically the same as drawing or filling in your own eyebrows, only using a device that makes the results last longer and look more natural.
Is microblading permanent?
Now, microblading won’t last forever. Some people assume that you’re getting a permanent tattoo on your eyebrows. In reality, the pen uses a special pigment that creates a long-lasting shape and color for your brows. It could be classified as a semi-permanent tattoo, but it won’t last forever. Typically, results last for around 6-8 weeks before you need a top-up session. From here, they last even longer, making microblading far more convenient than doing your eyebrows every morning!

What should you know before booking an appointment?
Firstly, you should know all of the information above! It helps to understand what microblading is and how long it lasts before you book an appointment. This keeps your expectations as realistic as possible.

Secondly, be aware that it is quite a thorough treatment. The device used will make minor cuts in your skin, but not enough to draw blood. It basically creates grooves where the pigment fills in, and this gives a realistic hair-like effect. With that in mind, there’s an element of risk with this treatment. So, you should only get it done by an experienced practitioner with insurance. That’s right, they need insurance to cover you and them if something does go wrong. There’s no time to go into it right now, but you can discover more here if you’re interested. Don’t worry, it sounds extreme but it isn’t actually painful – numbing cream is used to stop you from feeling the small cuts.

Finally, you need to know that microblading basically creates a shape for your eyebrows. So, you need to be happy with the chosen shape before undergoing any treatment. If you don’t like the lift of the arch or the design of the brows, you won’t be able to do anything after the treatment!

To summarize, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique for your eyebrows. It creates realistic hair-like marks that fill in your eyebrows and give them more shape & structure. It’s a good treatment for anyone that hates doing their brows every morning, or for individuals with really fine eyebrow hair. The results don’t last forever, but they can last a very long time with a few top-up appointments at your leisure.

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