Benefits Of CBD Oil For Cats

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CBD oil boasts as helping cats with well-being by providing relief for specific kinds of symptoms to aid cases of ailments. It’s growing in popularity with pet parents because of the way it contributes to their feline’s health and wellness with the potential for not only an extended lifespan but one of a better quality. 

While all CBD oil brands claim to be the optimum for your feline, the only way to know which is best for your kitty’s specific needs is to speak with the vet concerning the cat’s overall health. 

Once you do this, then it’s wise to find a reputable online site that offers representative help and informative literature for consumers pertaining to cannabidiol, how it works, and how to know which products will work in conjunction with your animal’s specific health-related needs. You also need to determine which application will be the simplest method of delivery based on how finicky your kitty might be. Pull this link for how vets are introducing CBD to their patients.

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Cats

Cannabidiol notes of being an organic substance, making it safe and incapable of causing gastrointestinal discomfort for kitty as most pharmaceuticals have a tendency to do. 

The compound is growing in demand throughout the country for people with this species. It offers relief without the adverse reactions that so many of these animals see with many other types of “remedies.” The compound doesn’t induce any type of “high” due to the minimal level of THC. Relief some pets see include:

  • Anxiousness: THC can be quite toxic for a cat, more so than it is for a dog. One of the common character traits for most kitties is anxiety or stress for any number of reasons. These pets can spring into the air for what seems like no reason at all. CBD touts as an anxiolytic helping to relieve symptoms that accompany stress and anxiety bringing with it a sense of calm, allowing the pet to relax and rest.

Cats are significantly opposed to change. If you know you will be moving to a new home or if you are remodeling or maybe buying new furniture, it’s wise to contact the vet to collaborate on beginning CBD to aid in reducing potential symptoms.

  • Analgesic / Anti-inflammatory: CBD boasts analgesic properties and a powerful anti-inflammatory. For pets who receive an injury or who might be suffering pain symptoms due to an illness, often the pain is accompanied by inflammation. In reducing the inflammation, it helps to decrease the pain. 

CBD oil shows to decrease inflammation and boosts immunity, which increases the opportunity for faster healing and dulled pain response. Generally, when an animal is in pain, their nerves are on edge, so CBD’s capacity for stress relief, along with its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, are particularly beneficial for a cat that has an accident or becomes severely ill.

  • Diseased Kidney: A great many cats develop kidney disease during their lifetime, typically at middle age or older, with a chronic condition being the most common over “acute renal failure.” 

The reasons cats are so susceptible are many such as exposure to toxins/poisons, development of infections, low blood pressure, heart failure, or kidney stones. Some signs to watch for to recognize kidney disease with your feline include:

  1. Urinating more than usual
  2. Cloudy/bloody urine
  3. No appetite / an increase in drinking
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Dry coat/unkempt
  6. Vomiting
  7. Constipation
  8. Weight loss
  9. Bacterial infection
  • Cancer: Cancer onset can happen for a variety of potential reasons. For a kitty who develops this dreaded disease, cannabidiol is not a treatment or considered a cure. What it does offer is a “complement” to traditional treatments needed to battle the cancer. 

Because it’s all natural, it won’t conflict with conventional treatment, with the possibility of enhancing its effect.

There is a wide array of potential symptoms that the compound has purportedly been capable of contributing to reducing. Open this to learn about cannabis and all its components for cats.  

The greatest benefit seen by pet parents for the feline is the fact that their animal doesn’t have resultant gastrointestinal difficulties from the substance as they more than often do with relation to most medications. 

A cat’s stomach is exceptionally sensitive, but anecdotally, the effects of CBD are gentle enough for their tolerance with few instances of adverse reactions. If you inadvertently dose too high, the most significant effect noted is lethargy. 

And with many cats being rather high-strung, sleeping is not harmful. You’ll know to bring the dose down or stop it if you’re at the lowest dose and the animal isn’t tolerating it without that type of reaction.

Final Thought

Using hemp for cats is an option and, in some cases, an alternative where cats had very limited choices previously to help with what plagues them. For some, stomach upset prevents any type of pharmaceutical intervention, causing them to endure the symptoms of their conditions.

Anecdotally, CBD proves gentle for sensitive stomachs, allowing cats to reap the purported benefits of the substance as long as the THC remains trace to zero. For the most part, oil products on the market are in this range in order to remain legal.

Pet parents need to be proactive in obtaining any and all documentation/certification confirming the ingredients for what they’re considering for purchase. Vigilance will result in your obtaining quality products from trusted brands to better serve the wellness of your cat long into the future.

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