Benefits Of Drinking Water Before Bed

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Whenever you sleep, you lose about 1.5 lbs of water. Sweating, breathing, or getting up to urinate in the middle of the night may contribute to fluid loss.

Such is the reason why it’s a good idea to drink water before bed. Just make sure to drink in moderation because taking lots of water may cause interruptions in your sleep, especially when you need to get up to use the bathroom. But, there are times that water isn’t enough, and it’s best to combine it with an oral nighttime dehydration solution to enjoy better sleep and avoid dehydration.

If drinking water before bed isn’t part of your daily routine, below are some of its amazing benefits to give you reasons to include it in your nighttime regimen. Read on.

Improves Mood

You might not have thought about the effects that water may have on your mood, but it turns out that as little as a 1.5% fluid loss may result in anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, headache, lack of motivation, or mood changes. It’s also important to keep in mind that by the time your body feels thirsty, it might have already lost up to 2% of body fluids, which means that thirst might not always be an indication of how much and when to drink.

Serves As Your Overnight Detox

Drinking water, whether hot or warm, is a natural remedy to improve your health as it boosts your digestion and detoxifies the body. Warm water increases your blood circulation, boosts sweat output, and helps your body break down waste. While sweating may result in losing some fluid throughout the night, it may also help your body get rid of excess toxins, thereby cleaning your cells along the process. Water may also relieve cramping or pain in your stomach.

If it’s too bland to drink water only, you may try to add lime or lemon for a more pleasant flavor. Anyway, vitamin C from lemons can help fight infections and improve your immune system.

Promotes Better Sleep

Drinking water before bed may promote better sleep. Once you do this, your body will be able to stabilize its hormone levels, as well as its vitamin levels. It may also help your joints and muscles to relax. Moreover, by drinking cold water before going to bed, the body will be filled with loads of energy you can use for the next day, plus you’ll feel well-rested.

Helps You Stay Hydrated

Drinking water before going to bed may help your body replenish the fluids you’ve lost from doing various activities throughout the day. Since your body is composed mostly of water, you should keep it hydrated to function well. If you drink water before bed, it refills your body with the necessary fluids that it needs.

Prevents Tension Headaches

Since water makes up so much of the body, it’s less of a wonder that dehydration may result in tension headaches. So, staying hydrated may help prevent tension headaches, as well as reduce the frequency of migraines.

Prevents Hangovers

If you drink alcohol, you’ll tend to urinate more, which may amplify the symptoms of hangover and promote dehydration. Well, the best way to avoid that classic hangover is to avoid drinking too much alcohol. But, if you can’t help it., know that water may help lessen the effects of the hangover.

If you’re planning to spend a night out with your friends, you may leave a glass of water on your bedside table before you head out and enjoy the night. Once you’re home, drink some water to avoid serious headaches the next day.

Helps In Weight Loss

Some may not know it, but water is actually a natural calorie burner. You might have already heard that sipping cold water is a great way to burn calories, which may help you lose weight. Even if it isn’t true for everybody, water may come in handy when reaching your weight loss goals. If you consider drinking water before bed, your body will start to work extra hard to warm itself up, thereby increasing your metabolism and burning up your excess calories.

Drinking water also happens to be one of the easiest ways to control your weight. It works by filling your body up with fluids to suppress appetite. Also, as mentioned earlier, consuming lots of liquids may also boost your metabolism.

Improves Immunity

If your body is hydrated throughout the night, especially while you sleep, your immune system will be maintained. It’s because hydration plays an essential role in keeping your body healthy and ensuring that your various organs function properly.

Helps Regenerate Your Cells

Did you know that drinking water before bed may promote a better cell regeneration process? Basically, drinking water may help your blood distribute or carry oxygen to every cell more effectively. For this reason, it helps in regenerating body cells properly.

How Much Water Do You Need?

Everybody is unique, but based on a study, adults require 64 oz of water daily. It’s equivalent to eight glasses of water, which is equivalent to two liters. However, your glass capacity should be eight ounces. Fortunately, there are lots of liter-sized bottles you may buy for you to keep track of your water intake.

It’s important to bear in mind that the 64-ounce suggestion is just a guideline. Some people may have to consumer more water, most particularly pregnant women, athletes, and those who live in regions with dry climates.

If you have chapped lips, your urine is odorous or dark, or you feel extra parched, such are the signs that you might not be consuming enough fluids or you might be dehydrated. What you can do to solve this is to consider increasing your water intake or asking your doctor about right amount of water you should consume.


The body constantly craves water in hopes to replenish the fluids lost. While drinking water before going to bed has a positive impact on your sleep cycle, it may also give you some health benefits that you might not be aware of.

However, not all are advised to consume water before bed. Those who have heart problems, impaired kidney function, or diabetes should not drink too much water before bed to avoid worsening symptoms. So, it’s best to consult your doctor first about the right amount of water you should drink before bed.


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