Cat Breed Guide: The Smartest Felines To Have As Pets

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If you are thinking about getting a little companion that will follow you around, look at you as if you were the God and that will always want to cuddle with you, then you should get a dog. On the other hand, if you want a roommate that will act as if the whole place was his or hers, while demanding to be treated like God and cuddling only when he or she wants it, then a cat is the right pet for you. Okay, I might have followed some stereotypes right there.

Cats are actually rather loving creatures and if you click through here, you will see that there are so many different breeds out there and that it is virtually impossible for all of them to act in one and the same way. I’m not going to dwell on the stereotypes mentioned above, because I know you do understand cats at least to a certain degree. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be so eager to get one.

When searching for the perfect pet, one of the things you want it to be is intelligent. We are all constantly amazed by one thing or another that we find felines doing when watching those videos online. Frankly, we are probably also surprised with their intelligence sometimes. While all cats are usually perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and figuring a lot of things out, the truth is that some are smarter than others.

In case you are looking for a smart feline to take home and have it be the perfect addition to your family, then you should read on. I have put together a list of some of the smartest cat breeds out there and that will certainly help you decide which breed to get. So, keep on reading to figure out which particular breeds will amaze you with their intelligence.


If you thought that cats didn’t play fetch, I urge you to think again. When you meet the Abyssinian feline, it will certainly prove you wrong. This specific type is most likely to learn how to play catch with you, simply because it is a great learner in general and it loves playing with its human. Simply put, this is the breed that learns by playing and their intelligence actually seems to be unprecedented.

You should get properly acquainted with this breed:


Scottish Fold

I bet you would recognize this bread from miles away by looking at their peculiarly flopped-over ears, but also by observing their weird tendencies to make funny faces and sit in pretty odd ways and places. Don’t even get me started on their big, staring eyes. These felines simply love being around humans. In fact, they love it so much so that they will often imitate the behavior of their humans. Oh, you rented that movie, mind if I join you?

Apart from being known for imitating their humans, these cats are also known for being playful. They love learning new tricks and they will actually enjoy any games designed to test out their intelligence. One thing is for sure. You will certainly be in for a lot of fun with this companion in your home. They’re not exactly the “always sleepy”, inactive type.


This list would hardly be complete without mentioning the Siamese cat, am I right? After all, how many breeds out there can say that they are able to talk to their owners? Of course, you shouldn’t expect the feline to form long, comprehensive sentences or hold speeches at dinner parties. You can, however, expect this breed to be loud, vocal and happiest when you talk to them.

The Siamese cat is also rather inquisitive and, being one of the smartest cat breeds out there, it can easily get bored if their brains aren’t stimulated. It loves following people around and watching what they do. If you’re living this breed alone, make sure to keep it busy, otherwise you might find your room rearranged when you return.


Burmese is the predecessor of the Siamese feline and it seems that this predecessor is a tiny bit smarter than the ancestor. They are also vocal, but it’s almost as if they learned when to be quiet and brooding as well. They also love socializing, meaning that this breed will get along well with your other pets.


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