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Cook up a Storm in the Kitchen This Festive Season

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Once again Christmas is just around the corner, and this year is set to be pretty different from what you’ve normally done. Even though it might not be the usual celebrations, there’s still no reason why you can’t throw yourself into the festivities. There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than preparing some festive food that you, and your loved ones, can enjoy.


Before you start baking your festive treats, why not make your kitchen into a winter wonderland? The kitchen is the heart of the home, and there’s plenty you can do to make it a special place for you to cook. It’s a chance for you to get creative, and you have a craft day with the little ones. You could paint pinecones or make a gingerbread house. You could keep it simple by adding a wreath and lighting some candles. It’s your kitchen so you should decorate it with your taste in mind. 

Christmas Pudding, England 

One of the most traditional dishes you can prepare is the Christmas pudding. It was first created in England in the 14th century, and to this day families across the country are still making it. Alongside the turkey and pigs in blankets, it’s such a staple part of a British Christmas dinner. It takes a few hours to make, but the labour of love is worth it. Brandy butter, anyone?

Multekrem, Norway

Of course, countries all over the world have their festive traditions. In Norway, Multekrem is a popular Christmas dessert. It is made from cloudberries, whipped cream and sugar. It is very simple to make but always goes down a treat.

Cookies, Canada

Did you know that lots of families in Canada have annual cookie-baking parties? Each person has their special recipe and by the end of the bake, everyone goes home with their own mixed batch of cookies. Unfortunately this year you can’t gather all your loved ones together to share a kitchen. However, you could hold a virtual baking day and try out each other’s recipes. You still get delicious cookies and enjoy that precious family time. 

Stollen, Germany

You may have already heard of this traditional dish from Germany. Stollen is a fruit bread, and it’s often flavored with marzipan. Think of it like a hot-cross bun meets a fruit cake. It is sold in some supermarkets here, but like with most desserts, it tastes much better if you make it yourself. Bonus: it can make your whole house smell like Christmas when you’re baking.

Christmas always brings joy during winter, and this year more than ever you can spend time making it extra special for your home. You deserve to make some tasty treats for yourself. What’s your favorite festive food?


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