Gifts for Coffee Lovers – What to Get Them

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Once upon a time they just used to dump a teaspoonful of dark brown granules into the bottom of a cup and add hot water. They would call the practice, ‘having a cup of coffee’. Then one day someone gave them a real cup of coffee and their life was never the same again. When some people fall in love with real coffee it’s a deep and intense love affair. Suddenly the large hot mug of brown stuff that you get on the High Street isn’t good enough for them and they start to talk a nearly unintelligible language of roasts and locations. If you know someone who is affected in this way and you’d like to help them, then fear not, for help is at hand.

Coffee Art Print 

Help them celebrate their love with one of these ultra-stylish prints. There’s a wide range to choose from so you’ll be sure to find something that reflects their style. From ‘delicate illustrations to eye catching typography, colour compositions to black and white backdrops’, there really is something to suit everyone.  Make your purchase confident in the knowledge that every artist receives a commission on every one of their designs which is sold.

Syrup Set

Introduce your coffee lover to new dimensions in taste with this 5-syrup gift set from Monin Coffee. This range of 5cl bottles contains syrups in Vanilla, Caramel, Gingerbread, Hazelnut and Amaretto flavours and opens up a world of experimentation, mixing flavours and blends.

Coffee Subscription

Introduce your coffee lover to previously unexperienced delights by signing them up to this coffee subscription service from Pact Coffee. You create your own pact plan in five easy steps. Pick a coffee type, grind size, a coffee range, the first coffee and a delivery frequency and sit back and wait for the coffee lover in your life to give you a detailed analysis of the coffees you’ve chosen.

Manual Coffee Grinder

All good things are worth waiting for and this stylish Groenenberg hand grinder in stainless steel will make them work for that cup of Joe. Precision grinding will give them anything from fine powder to coarse grounds and the beautifully simple design makes this grinder easy to use and easy to clean. With a removable crank and a travel bag included this is a great eco-friendly companion for the lover of fresh ground coffee.

A Funny/ Outrageous Coffee Mug

Bring a smile to their face with one of Lemon Loco’s funny and inappropriate range of mugs, mugs that you almost certainly won’t find on your mum’s shelf at home. You’ll find outrageous mugs for all occasions and a range of themes which include deadpan, profanity, LGBTQ+, nudity and cannabis.

Milk Frother

Let that coffee lover be the barista of their dreams with a frother which will enable them to perfect their lattes and cappuccinos. With models to suit all budgets this will give them yet another excuse to make you a cup of coffee.


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