Give Yourself The Gift Of Great Mental Health This Christmas

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Christmas is meant to be a time for great happiness, calm, and a time of thankfulness. However, for some, it’s a lot harder. The last year has been pretty tough, and a lot of people have lost loved ones to Coronavirus or had their life drastically changed by the virus because they lost their job, their business, were made redundant or a partner went through this putting pressure on the household financially. That’s why it’s probably the right time to focus on your mental health to ensure you aren’t caught up in all of the craziness. To ensure you don’t end up stressing and worrying over every little detail. These tips can help you get started, but mental health is an extremely fragile thing, as is emotion. Everyone processes issues in different ways. Some people react well to certain stimulants and exercises but others don’t. It’s why trial and error is sometimes needed. That being said, you need to ensure that you aren’t seriously unwell with it, like severe depression or anxiety. If you are suffering from this, speak to your family or those close and see a healthcare professional as soon as you can.

Focus On Fitness

Even if it’s just walking, or running. Focusing on your physical health can sometimes help your mental health. You might not think this is the best time of the year to do this, what with the shorter days and all, but it’s probably the best due to people’s inclination to eat a lot more over the Christmas period. There are all kinds of ways to get into fitness. First off, you might be better looking into beginner classes, or if you’re at the other end of the spectrum and someone who’s already a fitness nut you could look at how to become an online personal trainer. You can go it alone too of course. There are thousands of fitness videos on YouTube for you to get stuck into in your own front room, eliminating the need to go outside altogether and applicable for those stuck in self isolating. Simply making those short steps towards better fitness is what can give you the boost you need. If you lack motivation, try to do it with a friend. Bike rides, or runs, having someone with you helps. Team sports is great too as it enables you to meet new people but for the meantime it’s likely you’ll have to find ones which are played inside.

Take A Day For You

Christmas is hectic, and it can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. If this happens it’s a good idea to take a day for yourself just to kick back and relax. Spend it doing the things you love, or even doing nothing at all. Just distance yourself from all the money spending and everything crazy going on. You can spend the day at the spa if so inclined. Or consider simply laying on the sofa reading a book or zoning out and playing some video games. A little break is sometimes all you need to get where you need to be. The next day you can attack Christmas just like you used to. Refreshed, revitalized and ready to find that killer present.

Launch Yourself Into Something Else

Another tip is to push your energy into something else entirely. This can be your day job, and a lot of people succeed in doing this. But some like to focus on a hobby or a pastime. This could be learning a new language, or focusing on a side hustle which can bring in some extra money to spend in places like amazon over the Christmas period. Whatever you decide to do you must just be careful that the time you spend with it isn’t to the detriment of anything else in your life, but for a day or two, doing this can give you the space you need. Some people can’t switch off easily and if you’re one of them, this can be good for you.

Shop At Your Own Pace

When you’re shopping with other people it can be a little bit hectic. You’ll end up having to match their pace, moving from shop to shop and rifling through rows of potential presents. Go on your own for a change. You’ll be able to do things calmly, at your own pace. It’ll really make things a lot easier especially if you’re not entirely sure what you want to buy. There’s nothing worse than being rushed around when you aren’t sure what you’re going to purchase. If you go earlier than usual too you should be able to get things done in a quieter environment.



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