Hair Trends to Try Before 2020 Ends

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With only a few weeks to go before 2020 ends, no one will judge you if you try out different hair trends just to keep things fresh as you welcome the new year. For some, changing hairstyles can signal a change in their lives, and with everything that has happened so far this year, we all need something to keep us looking on the bright side. Here are some of the significant hair trends you should be copping to finish this year with a bang.

Side Part

A side part is one hair trend that is yet to go out of style. Deep side parts were widely popular in the 1930s, often worn by big stars like Carole Lombard. Today, equally beloved stars are rocking this hairstyle with ease. For those with widow peaks, using a hair growth treatment can help here. 

Bob Cuts

The bob cut was trendy in 1965. During this time, Sassoon took the bob cut mainstream, featuring modern, geometric styles best for women who want an easy up-do that can take them from day to night events. If you’ve spent most of the year with your long, quarantine hair, it is time to chop it off to welcome 2021 with a new look. Make it sassier by dyeing it with a nice color

Short Crop

If you aren’t feeling the bob cut, you can opt for a short crop instead. Get inspiration from Audrey Hepburn when she starred in Roman Holiday. In the film, Hepburn bravely chopped her mane to create a distinct and stunning hairstyle. Opt for this cut if you want to achieve a modern and easygoing look. 

Loose Side-Swept Hair

If salons in your area are yet to open, you can still change up your appearance by styling your hair to achieve loose, side-swept hair. Give it more character by applying some hair wax to make it appear glossier. 

Baby Braids

The tendrils of the 90s are back this 2020, and it seems that this trend will see the early months of 2021. Stay on point by locking your long mane with small braids. Get this flair by creating three-strand braids for each side of your part, then pull back the rest of your hair in a bun. Don’t forget to apply a texturizing spray to achieve a mussed-up look. 

Pinup Bangs

The pinup bangs are back again as more people in quarantine are bravely experimenting with different hairstyles. Pinup bangs are great for exuding sex appeal and iconic style. For a dose of inspiration, check out Bettie Page and her infamous bangs and try to make it your own. 

Peekaboo Bangs

If you are not comfortable with the pinup bang’s bold look, you can go for the peekaboo bang, which can still give you an alluring impression without being too sexual. Style your hair to hide one eye for an air of mystery. 

Brow Bands

Headbands have been a big trend for several years now. While most would fashion their hair with chunky embellished headbands, you can go for a brow band by wearing a thin, bejeweled fabric around your forehead for added sophistication.

Hair Accessories

For most people who still can’t go out to see their hairstylist, one way to change their appearance is by accessorizing. You can try many different looks without committing to a particular hairstyle. 

If you’ve been watching videos of failed haircuts, don’t be discouraged. You can still achieve a trendy hairstyle by going to your favorite salon or having someone provide a home service haircut. You can also take up the courage to cut and style your hair.  


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