Health Checks to Work Into Your Schedule

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Many aspects of our lives have been thrown out of their usual routine by the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic. No matter how organized and well put together your life may have been at the beginning of the year, chances are more than one thing has been thrown off course through no fault of your own. This is okay. Everyone is in the same boat. But one aspect of your life that you really do need to stick to is scheduling health check ups and attending the appointments as planned. Unless your health professional cancels and asks you to reschedule, you should still be attending your appointments to ensure that you’re in good condition. Here are a few to schedule into your diary.

Eye Tests

Let’s start out with eye tests. Now, you only need to take an eye test once every two years – it’s a significantly less regular checkup than other appointments you may have. The test itself will generally take between half an hour and an hour, so there’s a good chance you can spare this time at some point. The test itself will consist of an audiologist examining your eye, checking their health from front to back and determining whether there are any issues at hand. If the tests find any medical conditions (such as glaucoma or cataracts), you may be referred on for treatment. If not, you have the all clear! Your test will also include a sight test, checking your sight and ensuring that you don’t need prescription lenses – or, if you do need prescription lenses, ensuring that you have the right prescription to rectify your vision.

Hearing Tests

You may not have had a hearing test during your adult life. This is something that we have as a child and probably won’t have again until we are older. But if you do notice any changes to your sense of sound, you do need to book one in. A hearing test will be able to identify any problems that are causing issues with your sense of hearing. If hearing loss is present, your audiologist will be able to recommend ways to improve upon your hearing in day to day life, such as advising on the benefits of a hearing aid.

Dental Checkups

We’ve been told since a young age that we should check in with our dentist every six months. This shouldn’t be any different during the pandemic, unless your dental surgery is open for emergency cases only. If you are experiencing problems or pain with your teeth and can’t get a regular check up, do make sure to check in as an emergency case.

Cervical Screening

If you’re a woman and aged 25 or over, you need to attend cervical screening. You may also hear this appointment and process referred to as a “smear test” or a “pap smear”. Don’t be worried about the different terminology. These are all exactly the same test, it’s just different ways of saying it! You should have a cervical screening carried out once every three years between the ages of 45 and 60. Once you reach the age of 60, you will be asked to attend cervical screening once every five years instead. The process isn’t as daunting as you might think it is. All it does is take a swab from your cervix in order to examine the cellular material in your cervix (the entrance or “barrier” between your womb and your vagina). If any irregularities are identified, further tests and treatment can be carried out.

Breast Screening

Breast screening is another important test that you should make sure to book in if you ever feel any lumps or notice any changes to your breasts. Breast screening can help to identify early stages of breast cancer, allowing people with diagnosed results to seek help and treatment sooner rather than later. If you receive a letter from your doctor, have a family history of breast cancer or notice a lump in your own breast, make sure to call your doctor and book an appointment. Remember to carry out regular checks on your own breasts to familiarize yourself with them in order to more easily notice any changes to them.

There are countless health checks that you may need to schedule into your calendar at some point or another, but those listed above should be taken pretty seriously! Hopefully, the information listed will help to serve as a reminder to book and attend your appointments, even with the current world situation.

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