How a Service Dog Can Improve Their Owner ’ s Life and Health

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Do you suffer from seizures, panic attacks, or arthritis? You may have heard of service dogs-but many people likely don’t know that getting one is an option for them.

While these animals offer the companionship a “normal” pet does, they go above and beyond to help you function in daily life. An emotional support animal is not a service dog, although that may be part of what a service dog does for its owner.

3-Provide More Mobility

For people suffering from fatigue or other physical injuries, these dogs can provide extra support. They can help with movement and balance. They canal so carry or retrieve items for you, so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself more.
Many dogs are trained to perform tasks like helping with shopping, and know how to help prevent falls or stumbles.

4-Independence and Confidence

The feeling of independence that comes with having a service animal can increase self-confidence and motivation to do activities.  Confidence can help you engage in social situations and you’ll often find yourself in conversations with people who ask about your dog (although be sure to let them know they can’t pet them!).  Family members are also more likely to have confidence that you’re well cared-for and have a constant helper.
Family members are also more likely to have confidence that you’re well cared-for and have a constant helper.
The comfort having your dog in public can provide is sure to increase yourself-esteem and help you to better engage with the world around you.
5-Provide Companionship
A service animal is not just a pet, but they do give you the love and companionship any other pet does, with all the added benefits. You won’t feel as lonely or isolated with one of these well-trained dogs by your side.
Since service animals are allowed in nearly any public setting, provided they have the proper training and certification, you will always have a companion to help you feel comfortable and loved, whether you’re at the store or on a plane.
Having a service animal can help you recover from an injury, build your self-esteem,and live your life to the fullest. These special dogs don’t cure problems, but they make it easier to move around, perform daily tasks and get help when you need it.
Make sure you understand the laws and regulations surrounding service animals.If you believe you qualify for one, discuss your eligibility  with a doctor and learn about how having one could change your life for the better.

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