How Much Does HGH Therapy Cost?

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Human growth hormone is a hormone that helps to regulate body functions. It mainly controls growth. The deficiency of this hormone affects many people around the United States. Growth hormone deficiency requires HGH replacement therapy to boost the hormone’s levels to normal. Receiving HGH replacement therapy in the form of injections from an approved clinic will cost you around $1000 to $5000 each month. The price ranges depending on the potency and size of the doses you receive. 

Growth hormone regulates fat metabolism, blood sugar levels, and lean muscle and bone mass. Low hormone levels, seen in people with a growth hormone deficiency, causes symptoms like loss of muscle mass and bone density, accumulation of fat around the abdomen, and can predispose you to diabetes. HGH therapy aims are alleviating these problems.

Cost of HGH Therapy

The cost of growth hormone therapy will vary with the type of treatment you are receiving. Patients who receive injections generally incur a higher cost than those receiving supplements. This is because injections have been proved to be more effective in raising growth hormone levels, unlike supplements. 

HGH therapy costs between $1000 to $5000 if your treatment is in the form of injections. However, the cost could be more. On the other hand, the cost of HGH therapy using supplements ranges from $30 to a few hundred dollars every month. The condition of the patient will determine the exact cost of HGH therapy. For example, treating idiopathic short stature in children costs different from treating growth hormone deficiency in adults. 

Research shows that the cost of treating idiopathic short stature is more expensive than the cost of treating other conditions with HGH therapy. This is because several treatment sessions are needed before the child can attain their normal or desired stature. The cost of treating short stature in children can be as high as $52,000 in some cases.

Uses of HGH therapy.

The Foods and Drugs Administration approves the use of replacement therapy to help patients suffering from HGH deficiency. HGH therapy is only offered to patients with certain conditions as listed by the FDA. The therapy can help both children and adults suffering from a deficiency in boosting their hormone levels. 

Children who need HGH therapy are those suffering from conditions like:

  • Growth hormone deficiency.
  • Turner’s syndrome.
  • Chronic kidney disease.
  • Prader-Willi syndrome.

The last three conditions can prevent the growth of children making them develop short stature. HGH therapy has proved effective in improving height in children with short stature. It helps the child attain the normal adult height.

In adults, growth hormone deficiency is very serious because it predisposes them to health complications. It causes health issues like depression, increased sensitivity to heat and cold, reduces libido, heart diseases, diabetes, loss of muscle mass, and reduced athletic performance. Deficiency of this hormone can also make adults susceptible to bone fractures because it lowers the density of bones. 

Other than growth hormone deficiency, adults with conditions like short bowel syndrome and HIV also need HGH therapy. In HIV, HGH therapy improves muscle gain in adults who have experienced extreme muscle wasting.

HGH therapy requires a prescription from a licensed and specialized doctor known as an endocrinologist. This is a doctor who knows everything about the functioning, working, and effects of hormone deficiency in your body. However, you can talk to your regular doctor about how to get a prescription for HGH near you.

The need for a prescription for HGH therapy is brought about by increasing abuse of the hormone. There are some claims that growth hormone can help with aging by alleviating and slowing down aging signs like wrinkles. Bodybuilders and athletes also abuse it because it can boost muscle growth and improve athletic performance.

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