Law School Application: What to Know Before Applying

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Despite the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, the law continues to be one of the most coveted degrees in the US. It might be challenging to predict all the parameters of the admission applications. Yet, we can be sure that students with the law as their career choice will continue to fight for a seat in the ivy-clad institutions. 

Between graduating online, doing LSAT prep at home, and taking LSATs online, students are going through a tough time right now. Considering all the turmoil, it is never too early to start working on your law school application. Here is what you need to know 

The Cost of  Applications

Law schools are expensive, even before you actually get a seat. Most of the applications cost you around $100 or more. This means, if you are applying for more than five schools, you are looking at a hefty sum just for the application fee. Most students tend to apply to a maximum number of schools to optimize their chances of acceptance. 

However, in case you can’t afford to pay, there might be chances to get application fee waivers from LSAC or from the college itself. You can contact the college or LSAC to find out more information. Bear in mind that in order to qualify for the waiver, you will need to prove that you are in extreme need. In other cases, if you are too worried about the cost, apply only to those colleges you are sure and serious about. 

Double-Think the Location 

Ranking always trumps the location when it comes to law schools. However, do not merely choose a college because it has a reputable law program. If you are miserable being away from your family, then you might want to reconsider your options. Geography isn’t always a prime factor while picking the college, but you are going to spend three years inside and outside of the campus. The kind of life you want to have should be taken into serious account. 

Moreover, where you study might also influence where you want to be licensed as a lawyer and the prospective career opportunities. 

Why Us? 

You will have to answer why you choose this law school at one point or the other in the application. Though it might not be a question, it will help you to include this in the statement of purpose. Law school admission officers are looking for reasons other than their rank influencing your decision. For that, you first have to be honest with yourself. 

In spite of the school’s reputation, what do you find most appealing in their programs? Are there any faculty members that inspired you? Do the school’s philosophy and educational approach resonate with your life choices? Once you find out about the culture and environment, you might not even like the school. So do your homework before narrowing down the applications. 

Your Future After College 

At this point, it might seem like planning your law career might mean getting ahead of yourself. However, your prospects should play a significant role in deciding the right school for you. Find out the placement percentage and average salary of a fresh graduate from the school. You can find this out by reaching out to the career placement offices of the colleges. 

It might be overwhelming to look into all these aspects while stressing about the admissions. But the additional research will reflect on your application and make you come across as a confident and attractive candidate. 


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