More Fun: 8 Ways to Spice up Your Marriage

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With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing couples to remain home, you find that your love life is stagnant. Weeks and months of working from home, sweatpants, and take-out have left you both feeling less than sexy. It’s not uncommon.

Though you and your partner may feel the doldrums of this year, there are ways to spice up your marriage. Delivery isn’t just for groceries or pizza anymore. There are so many ways to spice up your marriage that can arrive on your doorstep.

There are even items you already have in your house that can do the job!

Shake off the coronavirus funk and make your time together sexy with these eight tips.

  1. Date Nights at Home

Date nights were an exciting way to create a spark. A few cocktails and a fancy dinner while dressed in your sexiest dress and your best suit was an easy stand-by to add some flavor. By the time you got home, you were ready for action.

If your 2020 is similar to everyone else’s, your sexiest go-to dresses remain in the closet. For guys, your lucky if you find a reason to fix your hair.

Fun ideas to spice up the bedroom are not too hard, and recreating a date night at home is one of the easiest. Transform your dining room into a restaurant with white linen table cloths. Light some candles and set the low light mood.

Tell your partner to dress up and meet you in the kitchen to start with your favorite cocktails. If you’re not a cook, order take-out or delivery from a restaurant where you had one of your earliest dates.

When you do this, you’ll remember that you both are sexual beings. You’ll recall the thrill of attraction and forget your weekdays as forced office mates who spend their lives in virtual meetings.

  1. Make a Sexy Schedule

With our lives so focused on the home right now, it’s easy to fall into a pattern where you forget about sex. Somehow, there’s always more work to do when you work from home.

Combine that with household chores that never seem finished, a virtual learning regimen for your kids who can’t leave the house, and the stressors of the daily news and you’re lucky if you even remember sexual pleasure.

Our lives now take place in the digital realm. Our virtual calendars and planning apps are full of meetings, reminders, and grocery lists. Why not add sex to the agenda?

If you share a calendar, schedule a sex time without your partner knowing and describe what will be on the agenda. Better yet, send a private invite for a bedroom romp as you would a party or meeting invitation.

  1. Role Play

Working from home doesn’t have to be a grind. There are so many sexy scenarios you can play with to add a spark to your sex life.

Maybe you’re the cruel boss and she’s the sexy secretary. Or maybe you’re secret office lovers who take their long lunch break in a downtown hotel.

All these and many more role-playing ideas add juice to a stagnant quarantine relationship.

  1. Erotica

There are ways to ignite passion geared for our current Covid-19 lives, and then there are the tried and true methods that work at any time.

Erotica or pornography is a great way to do it. Movie time can be playtime. Settle in and watch an erotic film. Discuss what you find sexy and what you’d like to try. Tease each other with manual stimulation before getting to it.

There is so much erotic content for couples. Read more now about these products to spice up the bedroom.

  1. Massage

Guys, don’t forget basic grooming. It’s easy to forget these days, but a fresh shave and combed hair go a long way.

There are other things a man can do to spice up the bedroom. Give your partner a massage. Set the mood with some smooth music and break out the oil. After a while, your partner’s cares will disappear and you’ll be ready for some slippery fun.

  1. Game Night

Remember strip poker? Yeah, it was a titillating way for people to get naked in college. Now, there are more sophisticated sex games to play.

Whether you buy a deck of sexual position cards or engage in a game of truth or play a game of adult-themed truth or dare, gameplay is a great way to rekindle your passions.

  1. Keep it In-House

When you think of all the ways to add some zip to your sex life, you no doubt think of toys and other products to buy. You don’t have to buy anything! You have so many household items to spice up the bedroom.

Tie each other up with neckties and tease each other with ice cubes. Break out the coconut oil to ease the friction and get a little messy. Spicing things up doesn’t mean breaking the bank. With a little ingenuity, your house can be a sexual funhouse.

  1. Push Your Limits

Pain and pleasure go hand in hand for many people. If you’re feeling adventurous, some light BDSM play can go a long way. Of all the kinky things to try in a relationship, this is one of the kinkiest.

Use those neckties to tie each other up and play with light choking. Blind-fold one another for some sensual play. If you’re feeling more adventurous, there are many resources for you and your partner to explore the world of kink.

Ways to Spice up Your Marriage

Erotica, kink, and sexy role-play are methods that couples have practiced for years and continue to. Schedule a date night and wear your best sexy clothes. Get some kinky foreplay going with an event invite that will blow their minds.

Life in 2020 may impact your sex life negatively. Don’t let it! Get hot in a hurry with these ways to spice up your marriage.

Do you need more heat-inducing relationship tips? Check out the rest of our website.


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