Notable 2021 Fashion Trends to Put on Your Radar

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There’s likely a lot on your mind right now, with a global pandemic, political changes, economic concerns, and more. Yet, if you’re a fashion lover, it’s nice to take your mind off the serious things for a while and think about what you might be wearing in 2021. Here are some notable fashion trends to put on your radar for next year.


Intense highlighter shades have been the in-thing for the last couple of years, but now designers are looking to soften things up. Today, pastels are preferred, particularly sorbet-looking hues such as cool mint green, buttercup yellow, lovely lilac, pretty bluebell, peony pinks, and soft lavender.

These dominating colors suit many different skin tones, so they’re versatile. They’ll make you feel like you’ve entered a rose garden in the chicest, on-trend way. These shades work well for everything from suits and separates to dresses and stylish women’s t-shirts, so you can incorporate the look in any way that works for you. 

Head Scarves

If you have more bad hair days than you’d like, you’re sure to enjoy the increased incorporation of head scarves into outfits right now. This accessory-based trend takes inspiration from the 1950s and 60s and allows us to protect (or hide, as the need may be!) our hair while adding a fun finishing touch to an outfit. 

Channel your inner Grace Kelly today with this classic item by wrapping a scarf under your chin in a loose knot or putting it around your neck, or even dangle it from your bag or wrist. All sorts of styles are popular right now in scarves, too. For example, you can opt for bold colors with block letters for a simpler design, choose a silky fabric with a floral motif, or select a scarf that adds pizazz with intricate patterns or even texture. 

Multi-Colored Statement Coats

With winter keeping us rugged up right now, there’s never been a better time to invest in a new coat. If you’re ready to shop for this useful piece, keep in mind that there’s currently a trend for coats of many colors. Look out for multi-colored statement coasts that enable you to stand out in a crowd – even during lockdowns. 

Select a brightly-hued piece with checks, stripes, or florals, or opt for patchwork designs. Many designers are creating beautiful folk-inspired coats lately, too, with delicate embroidery and sweet lace to up the interest factor. 

Cinched In, Belted Waists

If you’re like many of us after spending additional time at home in 2020, your waistline may have expanded due to more eating and less movement. If so, the current trend for the use of cinched-in, belted waists can help you to bring more definition to a “padded” middle. 

Belts are hardly new, it’s true, but right now, these accessories are being used to create shape on the body, rather than hanging low slung. Thankfully, there are belt designs on offer to suit all tastes and body shapes, from heavy-material materials and edgy adornments to frills and bows. 

Strong Shoulders

We’ve seen a nod to the 80s in fashion for a while now, with highlighter hues, bold prints, and, especially, a throwback to big, standout shoulder designs. However, in 2021 the use of look-at-me shoulders comes into its own with new, broader options available. No longer a one-size-fits-all bold shoulder style, today there are capes, mutton sleeves, origami-like designs, towering peaks, and even far-from-simple t-shirts to choose from. 

One key look doing the rounds, though, is that of the oversized shoulder-pad boyfriend jacket. These coats have long-line silhouettes, cinch at the waist, and go well with leather shorts or straight-leg trousers. Give the bold shoulder in colors such as neutrals, charcoal, pastels, or even patchwork designs. 

White Knee-High Boots

Most of us have a pair of black or brown knee-high boots in our wardrobe to keep us warm yet fashionable in the cooler months of the year. However, to be on pointe in 2021, consider opting for a pair of such boots in plain white. Harking back to the 60s go-go dancer vibe, this change-up in hues freshly elevates outfits. White knee-high boots work with a good pair of leggings, a patterned above-the-knee skirt or mini-dress, and even with midi-length outfits, jeans, and maxi-dresses. 

Use of Netting

Netting has come and gone in fashion over the years, and in 2021 will be back in a big way. This must-have microtrend adds depth to outfits without covering up what’s underneath so that you can show a little skin in a fun, textured way. Well-placed netting won’t keep you warm, but the accouterment adds nice eye candy and works across numerous aesthetics. 

After a rollercoaster year with a lot going on, it’s fun to mix up fashion choices and get a fresh perspective on life and love with a new look. Try out some of the above trends in the new year to start 2021 off with a stylish bang.


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