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Renovation Ideas to Increase Your Property’s Value

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The world is likely to be on hold for another few months at least which gives you the perfect chance to upgrade your home’s interior and improve its market price ready for sale next year. It is surprising how much added value you can find if you make the right choices in the right places, it’s also surprising how little this costs to implement. See below for the top five renovation ideas. 

Modernize Your Kitchen 

You’ve probably heard the saying that kitchens sell homes, and there’s certainly some truth to this. The kitchen is the hub of the house and it’s often the first thing that new buyers look at. They want to know if they will have to invest money in the kitchen themselves. 

The good news is you can give new buyers the impression of a modern kitchen with very little effort or investment. Lay down some new vinyl flooring and paint the cabinets white. If you want a more extensive renovation consider a new fitted kitchen which will boost your home’s value.   handyman wichita ks

Modernize Your Bathroom

In the past the bathroom only needed to be utilitarian and upgrading it didn’t always add value to your property. Times have changed. These days, people want a bathroom that doubles as a luxury spa area, with extensive shower space and occasionally a sauna. 

Again, you don’t have to invest heavily in the bathroom. You can add value to the home inexpensively by changing the fixings, tiles, and hardware. Of course, if you opt for a loan from Sherman Bridge Lending you can install a modern shower space and entirely change the layout. 

Install New Flooring 

If you want to impress new buyers and command a higher price on the market for your property you should seriously consider your flooring options. Get it right, and some relatively inexpensively new flooring can highlight the home’s value and quality. 

Carpets in all rooms tend to be outdated now but they are still recommended for bedrooms to give it a cosy feel. In the halls and kitchen you want something functional and purposeful. Vinyl is good here as it’s inexpensive and exudes quality. Tiles are excellent for the bathroom, if your budget allows. 

Decorate Your Rooms

Many homes lose value in the marketplace because they are somewhere outdated in terms of style. This is something that is easy to overlook when selling your property. Artex ceilings, damaged walls, and outdated color-schemes should be updated.

This process doesn’t have to be expensive and it can be done on a DIY budget, however, it will add considerable value to your home, especially when buyers see the modern interior and aesthetic. This should require no more than paint and plaster work. 

Improve Energy Performance

The modern home needs to have a viable energy system to command a satisfactory market price. This means central heating and any renewable energy options you have available. Upgrade your home’s insulation and consider installing solar panels. If you promote your home as energy efficient it will significantly improve the price you receive. 

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