Scientifically Verifiable Exercises for Quickly Losing Weight

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When we talk about losing weight, it is almost certainly about losing body fat. And the only real way to achieve this is by putting your body into what is known as a ‘calorie deficit’. If you burn more calories than you consume, your body will have to start eating into the fat stores within it, which will mean that your percentage of body fat reduces.

Whilst there is no magic solution and instant fix, there are certain ways of exercising, which will help to facilitate a reduction in body fat. And when you’re doing them, you want to make sure you look perfect so head to Arnold Gym Gear to kit yourself out and you’ll be ready to shred those pounds in no time! 


HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, or even any type of interval training can help a huge amount when it comes to fat burning. That is because it can enable you to burn as many as 30% more calories in a 30-minute session. An interval session tends to be shorter, which means it is easy to fit into your schedule and works by forcing your heart rate to increase, which is when you will burn more calories. You then have time to recover before doing it again. The shorter periods of the intensity allow you to keep repeating them, meaning that overall you can burn plenty of calories. 

Jogging or running

If you weigh in the region of 11 stone and run for 30 minutes at 6mph, it is estimated you will burn around 372 calories which is a huge amount. It will also help to burn the dangerous fat which wraps around your organs known as visceral fat. 

Weight training 

Whilst a 30-minute session of weight training will not burn as many calories as some more hardcore cardiovascular type activities, it should not be overlooked. The greater the muscle mass you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate (RMR) should be. This means that even when you aren’t doing any exercise, you are burning more calories than you would have been beforehand. After completing a weight-training session, it has also been proven that you continue to burn calories afterwards for several hours which adds to the weight-loss effects. 


This is an excellent workout for the whole body and encourages the usage of multiple muscle groups all within the same exercise session. The buoyancy of the water and the cooling nature of it can allow you to continue the work out for longer than you might have thought possible too, meaning that overall, you will burn more calories in a session. It has been proven that it can also help ward off heart disease by improving cholesterol and blood triglycerides. 

It would be great to think that a few quick exercises will allow you to lose weight almost overnight, but the reality is that you need to maintain your programme and only then will you see the full benefits. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet and burn off more than you consume, and you will see the weight come off. 

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