Social Media Influencer Courses and Everything You Need to Know

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Not everyone can master the ins and outs of social media. But some influencers and social media mentors have cracked the code and turned their following into a full-blown career. The likes of Gary Vee, Tai Lopez, and Grant Cardone—to name a few. Today, these people of influence no longer have to spend their days promoting someone else’s product. Their platforms are now tools to reflect their personal brand, and some have even begun to offer up their winning strategies by hosting courses that teach other aspiring entrepreneurs how to succeed. 

If you’re wondering if these classes are worth the investment or whether or not your online business could benefit from them, know that you’re not alone. Considering there are thousands of courses out there to choose from, narrowing your search is often the first step. Websites like make it easy to access, and assess, all these different courses at once in order to maximize your impact with digital marketing. 

What do influencer courses offer?

These courses are designed to improve one’s online business and digital marketing expertise. Courses offered by social media mentors and influencers will vary according to the person that’s leading them and the industry in which they work, from finance to fitness. That being said, topics that are often discussed include addition to tried-and-true strategies, methodology, audience engagement, and more that one can begin implementing in their business immediately. For those who may not understand the value of social media just yet, these courses will also help users to better understand how to leverage each of the different social platforms, the influencers that engage with these networks, and why it’s important to have a mentor. 

Are they worth it?

One could argue that each of the mentors and influencers leading these courses built their own careers before such tools were even available to them. Many of these individuals were self-taught and self-made, so why wouldn’t you be capable of the same? For some, the decision regarding whether a course is “worth it” or not can stem from factors including cost, value and time. Is the price tag too steep? What will you learn from the course? Is it the right time in your life and businesses to invest? Or maybe, you’ve just never considered yourself to be a great student. However, aside from earning real-life industry knowledge from trusted professionals, there is something to gain by surrounding oneself with other like-minded individuals and experts in the field. 

How to choose one that’s right for you

As a guide in the decision-making process, reviews can be a helpful tool before course enrollment. Mentor Course Review allows users to leave a review of the classes they have taken, or comment on the mentors and influencers themselves. The website also provides visitors access to full course descriptions and a detailed profile on the host. Reviews play just one part, however, in choosing the right course for you. It’s important to also consider the instructor and their industry expertise, course length, and cost—since these variables likely vary from person to person.

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