The Bedroom Rituals: Love Or Hate?

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What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. 

Except that it doesn’t. What happens in the bedroom will affect how you experience the rest of the day. The bedroom is ultimately the place where you recharge your batteries, both figuratively and literally. So do you have any habits that impact your mood and your energy levels? Here are the 4 things we love and hate in the bedroom. 


Spice up self-isolation

There is no denying that 2020 has been a year dedicated to an indoor lifestyle. But rather than letting it get out of control, you can turn self-isolation at home into a sensual game. There are plenty of ways you could spice things up at home, and the bedroom is at the heart of your at-home hobbies. For a lot of couples, it’s the ideal opportunity to try out new things and be creative. It’s also given married couples the chance to renew their excitement after many years together with new games or a cheeky addition to the lingerie drawer. 

How do sexy times improve your day? How do they not? Orgasms release feel-good hormones and keep you relaxed. 


Keeping the noise down

Don’t be loud in the bedroom. We see that cheeky smile on your face. But, sorry to disappoint, we don’t mean that noise. We mean snoring. Did you know that snoring could be as loud as the sound of a lawnmower? For the snorer, it’s unlikely to disturb them. But for their partner, it’s guaranteed to keep them awake. It’s hard to understand how to deal with snoring as there could be many underlying reasons. However, you can find some tips on how to reduce the risk of mouth breathing for snorers who’ve got sleep apnea on Wellue Health Blog. Sleep apnea can cause individuals to snore as they gasp for breath. For the non-soring partner, this means lack of sleep and tiredness! It’s time to sort it out!


Create a cozy bedtime routine

Do you have a bedtime routine? The best way to sleep well is to relax before you go to bed. That’s precisely what your bedtime routine is about. Make time in your schedule to introduce a soothing environment, such as preparing the bedroom. Get rid of the stress you’ve accumulated during the day. Nothing like a warm bath to erase all your worries. Add a few candles and some drops of aromatic oil, and you’ll feel purified from the negative thoughts of the day. 


The alarm clock

Admittedly, you can’t spend your day in bed. But just because you have to get up early, it doesn’t mean you have to make it unpleasant. The alarm clock is an aggressive sound, and it’s even more disturbing when you and your partner don’t get up at the same time. Nobody wants to wake up to the piercing sound of an alarm, especially if you were deep asleep. Instead, you can switch to a light therapy alarm, which ensures you’re feeling refreshed when you get up. A light alarm helps your brain adjust by tapping into your circadian rhythm. So you get up early but you feel alive before your first cup of coffee. 

Bedrooms can change how you feel. So, if you’re sick of feeling stressed out or tired, it’s time to change your bedroom rituals for the best. 


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