Things to Know About Using Organic Hair Dye

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It’s impossible to imagine the modern beauty industry without hair dye. The majority of American women dye their hair on a regular basis.

At some point, most women realize they do not like their natural hair and want to change the color or shade of it.

But with dying your hair come dangers like damaging chemicals. When you decide that you don’t want to use regular dyes, there’re still a few options left.

One of such options is dying your hair organically, with fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients.

Here’re the most common questions about organic hair dyes. 


Organic hair dye is made with organic botanicals and much fewer chemicals.

How conventional and organic hair dyes differ from each other? 

There’s a significant difference between conventional and organic hair dyes. 

Ammonia, one of the ingredients of conventional dye formulas, severely damages and weakens the hair by penetrating the hair cuticle while depositing color. 

Organic hair does not have it, and thus is a better, healthier option.

Is it completely natural? 

Not all organic dyes are completely natural. The only 100% natural hair dye is henna, but before using it one must know that it has some serious cons. Henna-based dyes are very harsh on the hair because of metallic salts.

What factors to consider? 

When considering whether organic hair dye is right for you, the important factor is the color and condition of your own hair. If you have dry and damaged hair, an organic hair dye would be a great and healthy option for you. Organic hair dyes work well on blondes, and if you have a darker shade you might not get the same results.

What Are the Best Organic Hair Dye Options?

Organic hair dye is less harsh on your hair. But still not every product that is considered organic and natural will work well on your hair, so check the list of ingredients as well as reviews before the purchase. Among best organic hair dyes are Naturdint Permanent dye, Schwarzkopf’s organic hair dye, Herbatint Permanent Hair Color, Revlon Total Color. 

Is it really better? 

Organic hair dye definitely has fewer harsh chemicals, making it safer for prolonged use, but it may result in less vividness and longevity (depending on the type you use). 

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