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When is it Appropriate to Gift Jewelry?

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If you have a significant other and an occasion coming up you might have wondered about buying jewelry for them. But jewelry can be a difficult one to get right. Plus, getting it wrong can mean embossing situations and possible damage to the relationship. But don’t let that put you off. 

The fact is that jewelry can make an excellent gift for a friend, family member, romantic partner, or spouse, you just have to get the balance of the gift right and consider the significance of the occasion. Don’t forget to look out for the recipients tastes and styles.

It’s for Your Wedding 

If you’re getting married and you have bridesmaids or best men – some weddings have more than one Best man – it’s very appropriate to get them some jewelry as a gift – it’s even encouraged. This is an excellent way to mark the day and bond with important people. 

Try to choose some jeweler that is simple but classical. You want the piece to be memorable and treasured, you also want it to to match with everyone’s tastes and fit in with the wedding attire. You might even consider an engraving in the special piece. 

If you do decide to get some jewelry for your bridesmaids or best men choose a piece that is appropriate for the occasion and significant to you personally. Wedding jewelry like this can be a strong bonding experience and look wonderful on the day. 

You’re Past the Meet and Greet Stage

It’s quite common to be dating someone but not know where you stand with them. You meet up and go out often, you have expressed your feelings for each other but still you are unsure what the status of the relationship is. 

If you want to broach the subject with some class and intention, a jewelry gift can be a good way to do this. Choose something that is tasteful and not too flashy. The item should reflect that time of your relationship, getting this wrong could risk putting them off. 

For women a bracelet or necklace is a nice choice as long as it isn’t too flashy or overboard. For men, you might consider a watch or a ring as long as it’s obvious it isn’t a proposal, and make sure you get the proper ring size. A gesture like this can open up the conversation you want and make your partner feel happy. 

You’re Dating or Cohabiting 

When you’re in a committed relationship, such as a romance, a partnership, or a marriage, gifting jewelry can speak volumes about what you think and feel for your significant other. Chances are the feelings will be mutual and the jewelers should reflect this.

You don’t have to mess about with jewelry if you’re already in an established relationship – in fact it’s better not to. Meditate on the type of relationship you have and what sort of jewelry would be appreciated most by your partner or significant other. Go out and get it, even if it’s diamonds. 

Buying your partner the perfect jewelry gift tells them that you understand their tastes, that you appreciate the relationship, and that you are committed. A piece like this will mark a shift in your relationship that will be remembered and treasured forevermore.

It’s Your Best Friend 

Your romantic partner might be the number one person in your life and the person who demands the most time and attention  from you, but don’t forget about those significant friendships that have been so valuable through the ups and downs of life. Where would you be without your best friends? 

Don’t overlook your best friends when thinking about jewelry gifts, a well chosen bracelet, ring or necklace, reminds them of how much they mean to you. These moments are important over the years to strengthen the bond, especially as life starts to get in the way. Consider a friendship bracelet that you can both wear for many years. 

It’s Your Family Member

It is never inappropriate to buy jewelry for a family member, you just have to get the appropriate jewelry for the person. You might want to get some jewelry for your mother, father, grandmother, or sibling; you might even want to get something for an extended family member for a special occasion, just make sure it’s suitable for them. 

When you’re looking for jewelry gifts for family members you don’t need to go with the classical styles so often. You can branch out and choose stones and styles that show your character and attention to their tastes. Well chosen jewelry like this is always appreciated and can stay in the family for many years  


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