Why Indian Ethnic Fashion Trend is Global Now

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The global drive for the Indian ethnic fashion trend is borne out of Indians being traditionalists at heart. This unshakeable trait is what has overcome the initial hesitancy of the global market to don traditional Indian clothes.

Now, Indian ethnic wear is one of the major fashion outfits in the world. This article will explain how that has come to be.

Reasons for the Global Reach of Indian Ethnic Fashion

The ever increasing popularity of Indian ethnic fashion shows no sign of waning, and this is due to some factors. Care to know some of these reasons?

Massive Promotion

Selling the appeal of Indian ethnic fashion has been mainly done by two channels; Bollywood and E-commerce.

The Indian film industry, Bollywood, is one that has gained increasing popularity with global audiences for its typically emotionally charged stories. As a result, a lot of people, Indians most especially fall in love with the actresses and naturally get fashion inspiration from them.  

These actresses often portray how great a person can be, and this in turn inspires people to want to dress like them. Actresses like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Madhuri Dixit, etc are usually adorned in salwar suits, delectable saree’s, etc.

They generally wear these outfits to any occasion, ranging from award ceremonies to the locations of their movies, and this has casted a very positive light on Indian ethnic fashion.

Also, the rise in the use of a lot of e-commerce channels and platforms for the purpose of promoting Indian fashion wear has also seen the popularity increase. More and more Indian fashion wears are now available in leading online stores, and a lot more people have access to them.

Asides from that, a lot of small businesses have massively promoted Indian ethnic fashion by having them on their own online stores, and also having several informative articles (like this one) written for them. This way, a lot of people around the world are able to understand the beauty of Indian ethnic fashion, and more and more foreigners are purchasing the items. Embroidery shawls from India, beautiful sarees and a lot more are available on these dependable e-commerce sites.

The Existence of Fusion Wear

Fusion wear is a combination of the best styles of western fashion with the glamour and traditional beauty of Indian ethnic fashion. Fusion wear achieves the formality of western fashion and merges it with the opulence of Indian ethnic fashion wear. This merger has proven irresistible to the global fashion audience, with a number of celebrities such as Hilary Clinton, etc, donning these outfits.

The Versatility of Indian Ethnic Wear

Ordinarily, Indian ethnic fashion is a hot choice for the traditional Indian festivities such as Diwali, Dussehra, etc. But with the ready availability of fusion wear online now, and the appeal to a global audience, more people are now wearing these clothes to all sorts of traditional occasions.

This is most likely as a result of people wanting to experience those festivities as traditionally as possible. Also, it is a chance for a temporary departure from the formality of most Western fashion outfits to the homeliness of Indian ethnic wear.  

Affordability of Fashionable Indian Clothing!

If you get to buy outstanding outfits at a low price, wouldn’t you be thrilled?

Originally, the prices of fusion wear were very high, and that discouraged a lot of potential customers.

But in recent years, the makers of Indian fusion wear have reduced the prices of the clothes and increased the quality, as a result of being able to access most of their raw materials locally. Indian ethnic fashion wears are now available to a wider range of income earners, and are usually quality and versatile clothing.  


Indian ethnic fashion is the rave of the fashion world now, and for good reason. Looking good is easy, affordable, and elegant, and coupled with its incredible versatility, you can’t go wrong with Indian ethnic fashion.


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