Why Is My Sexual Energy So Low? 5 Causes of Low Male Libido

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The average American couple has sex about 1 to 4 times per month, depending on age. If you’re finding yourself falling at the low end of that spectrum or are having sex less than once per month, you may be calling your sexual energy into question.

For many that are stringing with low libido, symptoms that are connected to the issue may need serious attention. Before you can get the attention you need, you have to pinpoint what your problem is.

In this post, our team shares common factors that can adversely affect male sexual energy in hopes that it can help you discover and manage your shortcomings.

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  1. Poor Diet

A lot of the male libido question comes down to blood flow. If your heart is capable of circulating blood to your genitals during periods of arousal, you’re going to be more inclined to have sex.

Eating too many fatty foods and not exercising makes it so blood vessels have a harder time traveling through circularity pathways which will narrow as your health reduces. Those conditions not only make sex harder but can lead to a heart attack.

  1. Stress

Being sexually inclined requires certain mental triggers to go off in your brain that spur arousal. Those triggers have a much harder time firing if your mind is somewhere else.

There have been studies conducted that have linked sex issues to chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. By taking a stand for your mental health and working with a professional to bring balance to your thoughts, you can vastly improve your sexual performance.

  1. Programmed Priorities

Making sex a priority isn’t something that always comes naturally. Some fall into patterns where watching TV or playing video games is what our brains tell us will bring the most pleasure during our downtime.

To reprogram yourself to be more naturally inclined towards sex, make an effort to prioritize sex when you’re free, even if it doesn’t sound like the best thing at the moment.

Over time, you’ll find that your brain starts to better enjoy the activity and will even expect it which will make intercourse come more easily.

  1. Medications

If you’re taking prescription medications that are billed as potentially being able to lower your sex drive, they may be what’s to blame for your libido issues. For those of you that need to stay on medication, speak with your physician about exploring brands of medication that have less of a track record of sexual side effects.

It may be that you’re able to work out an alternative treatment that preserves your libido.

  1. Age

As you get older, your testosterone levels drop which dampens your sexual energy.

In these cases, if sex is important to you, it’s imperative to push yourself to make sex habitual so you can overcome your testosterone and make your brain aware that sex pleases you. If working on your psychology doesn’t help, talk to your doctor as medication may be able to boost your sex drive. You can look here to explore non-prescription medication options if you’d prefer not to see a physician.

Sexual Energy Takes Effort

While there are unique circumstances that put managing sexual energy out of some people’s control, in most instances, a little bit of effort can go a long way when it comes to sex.

Get in shape. Prioritize sex. Work with your doctor to make sure your body is ready for it.

If you do those things, you’ll enjoy much more rewarding intercourse throughout your life.

Do you still have what is sexual energy questions or concerns on sex drive? If so, check out additional guidance on our blog!

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