3 More Incredible Benefits Of Cannabis

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Medical marijuana and controlled amounts of its usage even for leisurely purposes each have their own benefits (more for the first, especially if prescribed as an additional treatment for a specific bodily ailment). 

Here’s another list of 3 more benefits you may receive when you use getfurna for vapors for CBD products. 

Benefits Of Marijuana

1. May Prevent Cancer 

Although marijuana is not a kind of medicinal alternative for cancer, there have been relevant studies and experimental observations regarding its possible impact on cancer cells. According to a statement from the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics journal, certain types of cancers are linked to the patient having abnormally high levels of a cell known as Id-1. 

It has been seen that cannabinoids are able to lower the expression of the Id-1 cells so that their aggressive spreading is hampered. Cannabidiol can stop the spread of cancer by turning off the said cellular gene. 

The same is true of tumor growth, as backed by data from the American Association for Cancer Research. The growth of tumors in the brain, breasts, and/or in the lungs are significantly decelerated through cannabidiol products. 

2. May Treat Glaucoma 

Intraocular pressure, scientifically described as an increased and expanding pressure in the eye will eventually impair your optic nerves. If said impairment is left unchecked and, hence, worsens, then  “glaucoma” may transpire. 

Glaucoma, when untreated early in its stages, has the potential to progress into vision loss and even blindness (the latter, with those over 60). And there are no known symptoms of pain and/or eye discomfort to signal the presence of the disease. 

The silver lining here is that cannabis’ active element, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, may lower intraocular pressure or IOP. Less of IOP in your eye equals less of a chance of optic nerve damage. 

Despite the fact that the effects of marijuana towards this eye disorder is short-lived (a few hours, at most), further studies are being conducted into how this component can be enhanced in terms of lengthening its effects on IOP. 

3. Prevention Of Alzheimer’s Disease 

The cannabidiol components found in cannabis products are said to suppress the constituents which contribute to Alzheimer’s diseases. 

Extremely high levels of amyloid plaques (a type of naturally-occurring protein) bundle up together and are collected in between and among neurons. When this takes place, cells stop functioning the way they are supposed to. 

Having briefly explained that, THC may slow down the formation and “clumping” of amyloid plaques. And as THC obstructs these brain cell-killing plaques, it can entail a deceleration of the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. 


The three benefits we’ve included in this post are continually being reviewed, with more research pouring into how they can be treated through conventional medicines along with marijuana.

Apart from this, research into cannabis’ level of efficacy, impact-sustenance and/or duration are being monitored as well. Though there already is a huge following for medical marijuana in most markets, we are still waiting for developments that can stamp it as a true alternative for other conventional medications. 

Until then, it serves as a supplement to other types of medical treatments. And for the rest, as a leisurely activity. To know more about using marijuana as a medicinal supplement, consult your medical practitioner.

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