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5 Men’s Underwear Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

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Underwear — it’s an unsung hero of the wardrobe, a quiet workhorse that lives its life mostly unseen. But just because most people don’t see your underwear doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. If it’s a little old, doesn’t fit quite right, or doesn’t match your body type, it could be uncomfortable.

How you wear your underwear and how well it fits and suits your body type matter a lot. It can make a huge difference to your personal hygiene, comfort and appearance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the underwear mistakes you might be making.

Wearing Ill-fitting Underwear

Lots of men wear underwear that just doesn’t fit right. If you find yourself constantly needing to readjust your undergarments, they probably don’t fit as well as they could. They should be comfortable in the waist and thighs, not digging in anywhere. You might even want some extra room in your underwear. Natural fabrics are best, because they offer more breathability and you’re less likely to get yeast infections or chafing.

Not Replacing It Often Enough

Once a pair of underwear has become stained, torn, or has otherwise started to show signs of wear, it’s time to throw it out. Your underwear can’t provide the support you need if the fabric is played out. Holes and stains in your underwear might affect your confidence, even if no one else ever sees your undergarments. Besides, what if you get into a car accident? Do you want the paramedics to see your old, holey underwear when they cut your clothes off? Of course not! You should replace your underwear every six months.

Wearing the Wrong Underwear for Your Outfit

Many men don’t stop to think about whether the specific style of underwear they’re grabbing is right for the outfit they plan to don on top of it. But just like a woman’s underwear can leave unsightly panty lines in her slacks or skirt, a man’s underwear and affect the appearance of his clothes if he chooses the wrong type.

If you’re wearing a slim-fit suit or trousers, choose briefs to minimize the profile of the undergarment under your trousers. Briefs also provide the most support of men’s underwear styles, so they’re a popular choice for daytime wear and date nights. If you’re dressing for comfort or just for lounging around the house, boxers are the way to go. If you’re hitting the gym, wear underwear made with a moisture-wicking performance fabric to improve your experience. Boxer briefs made with Spandex or Lycra are ideal, providing the support and coverage you need for a successful workout.

Wearing the Wrong Underwear for Your Body Type

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to choose the right underwear for your body type. Men with thin or athletic body types may find briefs more comfortable than boxers. Boxers and boxer briefs are suitable for most body types, including thin and athletic types, muscular types, and men with large waists and wide hips. However, if you like to wear a lot of slim-fit clothes, boxer briefs can combine a slim profile with the support you need.

Not Changing Underwear Often Enough

Don’t be that guy who turns his underwear inside out and wears it again. That guy is a hygiene disaster. Your undergarments are supposed to absorb moisture and sweat from your undercarriage and keep your pants clean. Re-wearing underwear without washing them first is a hygiene issue.

You should change your underwear every day, at minimum. Put on a new pair after every shower. If you workout, don’t sit around in your sweaty undergarments afterward. Take them off, get cleaned up, and put on a fresh pair. Fresh, clean underpants will keep your bits healthy, improve your hygiene, and, of course, impress any hypothetical paramedics who might have to cut your clothes off.

Are you wearing your underwear wrong? It’s easier to do than you might think. Make sure you’re choosing the right types of underwear for your body type and outfits, changing them regularly, and replacing them when they start to wear out. Take good care of your underwear, and it will repay you by taking good care of you.

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