5 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Sports Fan in Your Life

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It may seem like a difficult task, buying gifts for the sports fan in your life, especially if you haven’t a clue about sport yourself. They already have the jerseys and the buy tickets for all the games. It’s doubtful they won’t be subscribed to all of the sports channels. So, what can we do? Don’t stress, there’s plenty of ideas we can pull out of the bag. Here is a concise guide to some of the better ideas.

Player Worn Jerseys

As we know they have many jerseys already. You’ll have heard reference to home shirts, road shirts, and alternates, not to mention in a variety of player’s names. But did you know that for a premium cost, you can purchase the actual shirts that players wore in the game? This may sound like an odd idea to those of us who care not, but I guarantee you the true fans will freak out at these!

Stadium Tours

We have sadly seen empty or under capacity stadia since the start of last year due to the Covid-19 situation. Sadly, we are unlikely to see full crowds anytime soon. Sports have adapted, and business is booming due to technological innovation, streaming content online. But tours of the stadium are likely to be available again before entry to games, as these can work with relatively low numbers. Pre-booking one of these tours is an ideal gift.

Ornaments & Decorations

Perhaps your sports-loving other half has a space in the house to engage in their passions. More commonly known as the man-cave, although to be fair these days it could also be a woman-cave. You can never run out of trinkets, flags, posters, and NFL Christmas ornaments to kit out such a room. You can go as far as having custom furniture, or a pool table decked out in the team colors or a logo.

Video Chat with a Star

Sports stars are a big deal, yes to most of us they are just some guy who throws a football around! What’s the big deal? But then my partner pointed out to me that the actors and TV stars I obsess over are, ‘just people pretending to be someone else.’ I’d argue with him, but it’s one of those annoying times where he’s right! Fortunately, we can capitalize on our obsession with celebrity and pay for a short video chat with them, for a price. Superstar NFL quarterback Brett Favre comes in at a steep $300, wow! I’d rather pay the earthlier $100 for a shot at Dean Cane and re-live my youthful Superman fantasies!

Hospitality Tickets

One for the future here, since we are waiting on the re-opening of live events. But hospitality tickets at major sporting events are certainly worth the wait. You get top seats and provided drinks and high-quality dining. Even for those with little interest in the sport, it can be a fantastic day out.

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