6 Amazing Ways To Create An Exotic Vibe In Your Home

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“How do I make my home or room more exotic and elegant?”

If this question frequently crosses your mind, we’ve got you covered. The straightforward answer is to create a space that exhibits a personality of its own, a space with a sense of history and soul, but also a contemporary feminine edge as well. Whilst this is easier said than done, here are some tips that can help you bring that “exotic touch” to your home. 

Be Unique and Distinctive

Choose products that are “striking” in appearance and guaranteed to generate conversation with guests. Aim for a balance between “wonderfully exotic” and “warm & welcoming.” You can consider creating something sensual as well. Quality should be of the highest caliber when being unique.

Use Deep, Rich Colors

The best interior design, in our opinion, is full of deep and rich colors. This can be achieved with earthy colors or brighter, “spicier” ones. Still, whether it is the pattern, material, or fabric of the product, it’s important to go for something deep and rich that is noticed as soon as you walk into the room. For warmer climates, choose earthy colors like dark brown or sand colors. For cooler climates, spicier options like red, yellow, or orange can help you achieve that warmer feel.

Be Eco-Conscious

Focus on creating that organic style using a wide range of woods, metals, and glass. Place a huge emphasis on using these natural materials, especially in today’s society, where plastics are too common. You will create that exotic and individual look in no time at all. Knowing that by choosing something handmade, you are gaining greater quality and while also being kind to the natural environment.

Create a Layered light Pattern

Lights play a crucial role in infusing an exotic vibe in your home. You can choose either one or a combination of these lights to create an exotic effect: 

  • Task lights: used in study lamps.
  • Ambient lights: they cover the overall lighting of the room.
  • Accent lights: these focus on specific items like paintings

Make sure that you install these lights at varying heights and angles to achieve the best exotic effect. 

Indulge in luxurious materials

Fabrics are the biggest contributors in creating that “exotic” vibe in your home. They can be used as upholstery or curtains. The idea is to pick bold colors for fabric patterns. You can also try various textures that best match your personality. 

If you have upholstered furniture in your home, watch out for the joints when using motifs with fabric. Make sure you use enough metallic tones to showcase important elements of your home interiors. 

Simple Furniture

Picking simple, sleek, and contemporary furniture is the most effective way to create an exotic vibe in your home. You can use the single finely carved piece as an accent item or multiple such pieces to give your home a dated and bold look. 

Pick furniture pieces with interesting handles, clean lines, and streamlined shapes to add a touch of elegance to your space. Don’t forget to check your furniture’s material — select wooden furniture with well treated, termite resistant wood that will last long.  

You can also inspect the wood for any possible cracks and crevices that can become an issue after some time. Materials like MDF, particleboard, and pressed wood are a big no-no. Moreover, the best exotic look is revealed by the wood’s grain after polishing and not with painted furniture. 

If space is an issue in your home, you can do away with the traditional bed that takes up a lot of floor space and look for alternatives, like wall beds

Wrapping Up

Creating an exotic touch in your home may seem daunting, but it can be an easy and fun task, if done rightly. Take cues from this article to create an amazing exotic vibe in your home. 


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