6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Backyard Storage Shed

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Are you trying to find more room on your property? Is the garage overflowing with tools and outdoor equipment? If so, then you need to consider purchasing a shed. 

Sheds are cost-efficient and durable, allowing you to store a range of items on your property. So you know your options, we have collected a must-know guide on things to consider when buying a backyard storage shed. 

What Are You Storing?

Begin by thinking about what you will actually be storing inside your shed. This can dictate the size and material choice. Will you be keeping large pieces of outdoor machinery and vehicles, or just using them to keep garden tools in?

What Environment Are You Placing It In?

The location of the shed has a huge impact on the type you should purchase. You do not want to fill a small space with an all-encompassing structure and fill up your yard. Do some research, comparing shed sizes, and see which would fit into your space best.

Once you have done this, consider the location for sheds and their exposure. Placing a large fabric shed somewhere with high winds could cause it to untether and move. Placing wood sheds in direct sunlight can result in premature weathering and aging. 

What Backyard Storage Shed Material Is Best?

Sheds come in a variety of materials, from woods, plastics, to fabric and metal. Hard sheds, like plastic and metal, tend to be rot and insect-free. Plastic sheds however are not customizable, though they are easy to move around. 

Wooden sheds are a great all-around choice and are generally the preferred material of quality sheds. However, they tend to cost more depending on how good their build is. 

What Is Your Budget?

The wide range of sheds fits a number of budgets, and once you have worked out materials, size, and what you will store you can start to shop around. Even the lowest of budgets can find some great storage options. 

For example, moveable fabric sheds protect your items from wind and rain without the expense. After this, plastic sheds are also a great option that comes with a little more stability.

Do You Want to Customize It?

If you want to customize your shed with shelving and storage options, then there are also a lot of options available. Some of these you can install yourself, and some sheds can use the manufacturer’s own products to add more room. Plastic sheds are generally the hardest to customize, so consider this if you do decide to purchase one. 

What Are the Local Building Regulations?

Unfortunately, sheds can count as new structures and may be governed by local planning laws. Very often, sheds are exempt if they fall under a certain size. However, even with a small shed, it is worth checking before you make a purchase. 

Shop Around

When buying a backyard storage shed, consider your options and shop around. Check online reviews and visit garden stores to see the quality and build of potential sheds. 

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