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The interest in coffee capsules has seen the rise in single-cup brewing systems rise exponentially, with more coffee drinkers embracing the fad in 2020. Coffee capsules have seemingly become popular, with more drinkers embracing this hassle-free and convenient way of brewing coffee.

Invigo coffee offers spectacular coffee capsules in Canada with a broad range of flavor palettes designed for the normal coffee drinker. Invigo coffee capsules offer the best possible taste, flavor, and aroma that will leave the drinker yearning for more. The perfect blend is achieved to bring out a sweet and distinct flavor.

Invigo coffee strives to provide the perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness, and acidity in one cup, without either of these elements being overbearing to the drinker. This blending art has been perfected over the years, with careful considerations taken from the planting and selection process, and eventually to the carefully engineered process. 

The different coffee blends are designed, tried, and tested by Invigo coffee professionals to ensure the perfect blend of tastes for various clients. This caters to the different individual palettes, from fruity undertones to bitter espresso capsules. 

Invigo coffee aims to conduct regular quality assurance checks to ensure the right products are delivered to the clients. The dedicated and consistent resilience for the best has seen Invigo coffee keep up with innovative techniques and equipment which strive to produce the best products in town. 

Origin of Invigo Coffee

Right from the start, the Invigo Coffee plants are grown in the best optimal environments needed for the coffee plants to thrive and flourish to create the perfect environment for the right coffee beans. This environment consists of the following properties:

  • High humidity: This helps prevent mold formation and helps prevent the possibility of future quality losses. This also helps maintain the right moisture levels that assist in creating the right flavors.
  • Slightly acidic soil: This helps retain a fresh coffee flavor.
  • Cool temperatures: This assists the coffee beans from condensation processes that eventually cause the coffee beans to ferment. Cool temperatures ensure the proper ventilation and insulation required for the coffee beans. 
  • Good drainage: Soil that has good drainage maintains the right development speeds for the coffee beans. Too much rainfall may cause the trees to produce too much, thereby exhausting themselves faster, while inadequate rain may cause the trees to wither away and not bear fruit.
  • Dappled sunlight: Great coffee requires shaded and dappled sunlight as opposed to direct sunlight. This creates the perfect atmosphere for bean development. 

The environment, coupled with the right roasting treatments, ensures Invigo coffee has an unmatched juicy flavor. Invigo coffee is produced from various locations such as Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. The Colombian coffee beans offer a juicy and fruity flavor found in the Invigo Coffee products. Guatemala’s mountainous environment seeks to provide the full flavor often found in Invigo coffee. These beans provide an intense and rare taste, often characterized by the heavy winds in the region. The volcanic soils in Costa Rica provide a smooth all-rounded walnut flavor to the Invigo coffee beans. Lastly, the climatic condition in Ethiopia provides the beans with natural spicy flavors and fruity aromatic tones. 

Invigo coffee experts travel to these locations every harvest to select the best coffee beans in these regions. These carefully handpicked selections are then blended and roasted into the finest aromatic flavors that grace their client’s doorstep. 

Invigo products

The unique blend and composition of the coffee in Invigo products makes clients coming back for more. Each Invigo coffee capsule is distinctive and with different tastes to cater to a variety of flavor profiles.

Below are some popular flavors in the Invigo coffee line:

  • Invigo coffee boost

The Invigo coffee boost offers a distinct textured flavor that captures the robust coffee beans ground’s very essence and roasted to perfection. The original coffee taste in this product has a profound bitterness brought about by the fullness of the coffee pods. The delicate roasting process is supervised to create the perfect blend of bitterness and strength required in a single dosage. Therefore, this flavor appeals to the seasoned coffee drinker, who reveals the coffee flavor’s rich boldness.

  • Invigo coffee caramel

This flavor seeks to incorporate a tantalizing caramel taste into the roasted Arabica beans. This unique flavor bounces in creamy caramel tones, which offer the perfect blend of warmth and comfort to the drinker. From the growth stage, the Invigo coffee caramel is grown on high potassium soil, which blends well with the bean’s flavor. This results in this rich caramel flavor that offers delectable joy to the drinker.

  • Invigo coffee chocolate

For avid chocolate lovers, the Invigo coffee chocolate offers detectable rich chocolaty flavors in the mouth. With handpicked cherries carefully selected for this very decadent flavor, this selection is a must-have in the home. The chocolate flavor seeks to enhance the rich boldness of the coffee beans without overpowering them, making this a perfect choice.

  • Invigo coffee classic

Made out of 100% Arabica beans, the Invigo coffee classic is a fan favorite. The coffee Arabica blend creates the perfect balance between mild and sour tastes while creating a medium-bodied blend that isn’t too overpowering or bland, but just the right amount. With a rare honey flavor intertwined, this flavor prompts the drinker to discover interesting blends otherwise deemed impossible. 

  • Invigo coffee vanilla

This flavor boasts a soft and velvety vanilla undertone, which offers a memorable experience of the perfect blends for the senses. The warm vanilla scent tantalizes the drinker and creates a creamy, rich feel of absolute greatness. The carefully selected coffee beans blended with the vanilla undertones are perfect for the coffee beginner and seasoned coffee drinkers. 

Invigo coffee capsules are made from recyclable materials that offer sustainability options to the environment. This makes it an environmentally friendly option deeming it the most sustainable way of drinking coffee today.  


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