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Business Travel Tips If You’re Heading Into NYC

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So you’ve been selected by your company to go to New York City and figure out how to close out this trade deal with a client. Okay, so you’re excited, can’t wait to meet them and put your best foot forward in the presentation. Well all of your best laid plans can go to waste if you haven’t prepared for the traveling tests that NYC throws at you. If you’re not from NYC then you are going to be shocked at how busy it is, how much traffic makes you wait just to move a few meters and how much the public transport is just rammed full of people. You need to know a few key tips on how to survive a business trip to NYC so you never get caught off guard.

City Mapper

One of the beat NYC subway apps on the market is the CityMapper app. This map allows you to not just use the public transport on the surface but also down below. The subway is one of the most complex systems in NYC and even though it is loud and sometimes cold, it is very efficient for quick and easy travel. We recommend that you use this app to plan your journey before you get to the city. The trains come by every 5-10 minutes. it’s not like London, whereby they come around literally every 2-5 minutes, so if you miss a train you might be waiting for about 10 minutes or more sometimes. Using this app is easy, it’s for any phone whether iOS or Android. CityMapper uses colored-coded lines for the various subway tracks so you just need to follow this and you should be fine.

Drop it off

If you do happen to arrive late or perhaps if you have just checked out of your hotel but need to visit somewhere at the last minute, then use a luggage storage service like the Radical Storage Network. There are many storage places that this network has, all around the city. They are in Chinatown, Downtown Manhattan, and also in the Upper East Side. so you can just find the nearest storage location near you, book online and store your luggage on arrival. Then just pick up at the time specified. You can also call up the storage location to have the time extended or perhaps use the app to do this too. This is so useful when you perhaps have checked out of a hotel but you want to go shopping for about an hour or so.

NYC attitude

Someone who is not from NYC will be in for a shock when they get to the city. Now, don’t get offended, but we highly recommend that you put yourself in an NYC attitude not where you come from. They walk fast here. The average New Yorker walks 7734 steps every single day. They don’t have time who are in their way. So you need to move fast, follow the unwritten rules like first come first serve in hailing a cab or minding your own business when on the subway or coaches.

Business travel to NYC is full of surprises but hopefully they’re all good ones for you. We recommend that you have somewhere to store your luggage in case you need extra space and use the CityMapper app to find your way around.

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