Here’s How to Get a Date

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Dating can be tough, especially if you find it difficult to overcome the first hurdle and actually secure a date, but doing so is essential if you eventually want to find the right person for you. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of things that will help you guys get more dates starting right now…

Visit more locations

Okay, so with everything that’s going on in the world right now, this may be a little more difficult, but it could still apply to trying out way more online apps than you currently are to find a date.

Most of us stick to one or two places bars and clubs, for instance, where we try to pick up dates, and although this can work well for some, you are somewhat limiting the pool of eligible people you are likely to meet, By widening your reach to places like gyms, yoga studios, coffee shops, local events, and so on, you will naturally meet more people than usual, which means you’ll have more chance of meeting someone you click with and securing that all-important first date.

Have a killer opening line

If you’re struggling to get a first date, could it be that you aren’t exactly making a great first impression with your words either on or offline? If so, you need to check out for a no-fail opening line that will have women falling at your feet, or if that’s not your style, practice a few interesting conversation openers that you think will appeal to the kind of people you’re looking to date. If you don’t go in prepared, you’ll probably stumble over your words or say something stupid and that won’t impress anyone!

Be natural

When you’re trying really hard to pick up a girl, they can almost always tell, and quite often they will be put off by your efforts, It’s often far more effective to act casual, be natural and treat them like you would treat anyone else you’re speaking to for the first time. In short, don’t act like a player, strike up a natural conversation and maybe just maybe, you won’t even have to make the first move.

Ask questions

Spend your time and efforts asking questions, learning about the person you want to date instead of endlessly talking about yourself. You’ll seem much more down to earth, and because you’ll appear to be genuinely interested in them, the object of your affections will be far more flattered and much more likely to agree to a first date.

Be funny

Do we really need to include this? It’s common knowledge that a good sense of humor can win over even the toughest of men or women. If you can make them laugh, you’ll make your efforts to get a date so much easier. So, it might be time to learn a few good jokes or start studying your favorite standups for ideas!

Dating, and especially securing that first date, can be daunting, but if you put the above tips into practice, you won’t have such a hard time.


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