How To Incorporate Diamonds Into Your Fashion Design

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Are you having a hard time picking out jewelry to match your fashion style? Cheer up because diamonds can save you a lot of time. Diamonds have been discovered way back a thousand years ago and they’ve been used as a piece of jewelry ever since. 

Diamonds have been a popular jewelry for so long and that’s because they simply go along with anything! Stop stereotyping and think that diamonds are only for weddings or engagements. These gems can be incorporated with any style you prefer and can be worn on several parts of your body to make a statement. 

Diamond jewelry is one of the most valued accessories you can wear. Still doubtful? Here are some ways on how you can incorporate diamonds into your fashion design.


  • Wearing diamonds on your neck


There are various types of necklaces for you to choose from when pairing it with your fashion. To narrow down your choices, only stick to the diamond necklaces as they are easier to pair with any style. 

Probably the most popular type of necklace that almost all women have is the long thin diamond necklace. There’s no trouble with this since long, thin diamond necklaces can be paired with any outfit. It’s a popular pairing with formal attires but it can also be used with tops with a deep cleavage. 

If you really want to stand out among the crowd, it’s time to be bold and wear a diamond statement necklace. While this may not suit all types of occasions, you can rock this jewelry if worn correctly. For best results, pair your diamond statement necklace with a plain dress to make sure the spark and attention go to your jewelry, and wouldn’t clash with other stones that your outfit may have.


  • Diamonds for your ears


Are you looking for an everyday fashion with diamonds? Wearing diamond earrings is the answer. Diamond earrings are simply timeless. They can easily pair well with most outfits, and they have the power to add a touch of class to any look.  

Just like the necklace, there are also various types of diamond earrings to choose from. If you are into diamond drop earrings, they are best paired with a collarless dress or top. You don’t wear a necklace in scenarios like this, so you can grab attention through the earrings and not through the neck. For cocktail parties, opt for diamond cluster earrings.  

The best place to really show off your diamonds is during formal events. You can wear diamond studs to the said events. Not all diamond studs are the same as they can vary in depth and brilliance. You may check out for more details about your jewelry’s diamond depth and percentage.


  • Stacking Diamond Rings


If there’s something better than a diamond ring, that is, wearing multiple diamond rings on one finger at the same time! Stacking multiple diamond rings is a trend nowadays that you must try. 

A friendly tip in stacking diamond rings: each diamond cut must be different in size and shape. If you’re wearing multiple rings that look almost exactly the same, they’d only blend into each other and look like a chunky piece, which isn’t very pretty. 

Wear your diamond engagement ring every day as they go along with anything. Meanwhile, the stacking diamond rings are best worn during special events and parties.


  • Diamonds for your wrist


Before anything else, keep in mind to never wear your bracelet on the same wrist where you wear your watch. That would result in two accessories stealing each other’s attention. If you want to wear both accessories at the same time, ensure that their styles match. Luxury bracelets must be paired with luxurious watches, while casual bracelets must be paired with casual watches.  

Diamond bracelets are best paired with a formal black dress. This combination makes the bracelet the center of attraction even it’s only settling in your wrist. Another popular type of bracelet is the diamond tennis bracelet. This type can add a retro touch to any fashion.

You can also stack tennis bracelets just like the diamond rings. Make sure to stick to one metal option only, regardless if you’re stacking different styles of bracelets.

Key Takeaway

They may say it takes skill and a lot of knowledge to coordinate jewelry into your fashion style. Luckily with diamonds, it’s made easier for you to incorporate your diamond jewelry into your outfits. Just don’t forget to choose which jewelry you’d like to highlight for the day’s outfit, and then you’re good to go.

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