Is An Acting Class While in Pandemic Worth It?

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One of the things that were made clear to us during the pandemic is that we have a lot to thank the entertainment industry. Without music, arts, movies, series, and more, our life during quarantine days would be a lot more dreadful, straightforward, and dull without all these to turn to. People have been binge-watching one movie or series from another. With this, the industry remains productive as they film and plan more to release. Even Taylor Swift had been more productive as ever with two albums only months in between their releases.

With all the time you have to stay at home and protect yourself from getting the virus, you can use this time to learn new things and develop your skills. An acting class is worth it during the pandemic. Out of the 24 hours you have, what’s 1 or 3 hours of spending to hone yourself to be prepared to take steps to achieve your aspirations.

The effects of the pandemic on the entertainment industry

We cannot deny that the entertainment industry had also been affected by the pandemic. Theatres and cinemas were closed to prevent further spread of the virus among customers and personnel. The pandemic had halted media production as on-site filming became difficult and risky. However, amidst all these, digital consumption of media had become more vital. The demand for quality and diverse content increased. Although platforms may have changed, the people needed are the same: production staff, writers, actors, and more—different efforts to continue entertaining people have been made. Online concerts have been held; even late-night shows are done through video calls, known plays have been made available on Youtube, and more. Netflix continues its production, finishing movies and series it had started before the pandemic. They have gained more subscribers than ever, with consumers fleeing to them for entertainment.

What a virtual acting class looks like

There are different kinds of online acting classes available, together with different acting schools offering them. In Bernard Hiller’s Acting and Success Studio, they offer various acting classes online to adapt to this pandemic. Weekly advanced group online classes can be availed, and if you’re not comfortable with an online group class, there are also private online coaching classes you can sign up for. They have private audition & on-set training, one on one sessions, and career guidance sessions. More so, these classes are designed to be virtually interactive. One of the classes they offer comes with working with CD April Webster of “Star Wars” and top managers and agents in the industry.

The only thing standing in between you and your dreams is the decision you need to make to take a step towards reaching them. Start now, and navigate on. One way or another, the entertainment industry will continue to develop and innovate to adapt to these kinds of circumstances. Production will soon resume and become stronger as they find solutions to problems. Although limited, there are opportunities for actors now and more in the future. Continue with your passion. It’s also one way to keep yourself sane amidst all the challenges we had to face because of the pandemic.


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