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Purchasing and growing weed seeds is becoming a common way  for most people who desire to be self-sufficient in their recreational or medical weed supply. When you buy fast growing weed bsf and a growing tent with the right equipment, growing weed can be just a fraction of the price of weed you purchase from dispensaries, streets, and many more. 

If you’re growing weed for the first time, it’s a good idea to make the growing process simple and straightforward. Keep in mind that you can find various cannabis strains out there, making it hard to buy the right weed seeds. In this post, you will learn about buying weed seeds.

Marijuana seed types

The crucial step in growing weed is perhaps deciding the best type of weed seed you intend to plant.  This choice can partially determine the amount of care your weed plant may need.  Here are some available options to help you make an informed decision: 

Regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds can produce both female and male cannabis plants. Besides, these seeds are not genetically or chemically altered, meaning they are entirely natural.  In most cases, you can usually end up with half the weed seeds being female and half male.

For beginners to grow weed, these are suitable seeds, but they need early sex identification. You need to avoid male weed plants by stopping them from pollinating the female weed plants as they can ruin your harvest.

Even if you remove male weed plants, female weed plants may still become hermaphrodites as they are not feminized. Therefore, you must also keep an eye on the female weed plants. 

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds refer to a type of weed seed that ensures the outcome weeds plants are all female. It’s worth noting that these cannabis seeds are not naturally occurring because they are produced through a process known as feminization. This is usually achieved by spraying the cannabis plants with gibberellic or solutions of colloidal silver. 

As explained earlier, cannabis plants can sometimes become hermaphrodites. These can naturally carry the traits of both weed sexes. Hermaphrodites happen because in nature there is no presence of the opposite sex.  

But feminized strains that you grow in the right conditions can resist becoming hermaphrodites. By removing the need to identify the sex of weed plants, many growers can save time and even increase their yield.  

These weed seeds also have a single set of genes to make them appear similar to the female they are produced from. If you are looking for diversity in weed plants, this can not be a good option. 

However, if you want to produce buds, then these are the ideal seeds for you. They are also great for beginner weed growers since you don’t have to worry about identifying male plants that can ruin your harvest. 

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds

Plants that you grow from auto-flowering seeds can automatically start their flowering cycle when they reach a certain age. This is different from the other cannabis strains that start their flowering cycle when you reduce their exposure to light due to their age or size. 

You can buy auto-flowering weed seeds either regular or feminized, depending on your choice. This weed seed is excellent for beginners as a specific light schedule is not required to encourage the weed plants to start flowering. 

Likewise, it’s also good for growing outdoors in places where they have short summers. Auto-flowering weed plants tend to take advantage of the long days in summer to get the highest quality light.  For growers who want to maximize yield, then these weed plants can flower earlier to allow you to have more harvests each year. 

Even better, auto-flowering weed seeds don’t need too much attention.  They usually have a specific schedule for the initial six weeks, but you need to take care of the problems once they arise. If you nurture these plants well, there is a good chance that you can produce an excellent yield in just two to three months.  

Marijuana strains

A cannabis strain refers to a genetic difference of the same cannabis species. The four major types of cannabis strain are Sativa, Indica, hybrids, and ruderalis. Here are the detailed marijuana strains you can decide to grow:


Indica plants are sturdy, short, wide, and aromatic. These weed plants can grow to about three to six feet tall. It means that the weed plants can be more compact to make them suitable for an indoor grower. 

Also, the buds and flowers are tackier and closer when you touch them than the Sativa plants. They have a short flowering time that runs between 8 and 12 weeks. Indica has more resin to make it ideal for making hashish. 

Indica can make you feel apathetic, sleepy, and offers you pain relief. This strain also has effects that are similar to sedatives and they can assist your body to relax.  


Sativa usually grows quite tall and thin, and it can sometimes reach up to 20 feet tall. Therefore, it’s a good idea to grow sativa outdoors.  The flowering period of this strain is also usually longer than Indica as it takes at least 10 to 16 weeks.

Sativa can affect your head compared to the rest of the body. It may make you feel energized, happy, uplifted, and creative. No wonder, many creative artists use it, but you also consume it to treat some health conditions like mood disorders. 


This strain is considered to be the least well-known cannabis strain. Some people think this is a subspecies of Sativa, though it has various unique qualities. It can grow short and thin.

Ruderalis is not that popular compared to Sativa and Indica. This is because this plant can  have small quantities of THC, but may contain higher CBD levels. It grows pretty fast and thrives in a cold climate. Many breeders prefer using this strain to make hardy and strong hybrid strains.

Remember that a hybrid happens when a strain of weed is crossed with another to increase potency or yield. The combination usually has all parent strains, so it’s important to combine the great features of each strain.

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