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Statement Clothing For The Rational Man

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As a man, you can sometimes feel like your clothing choices are making you blend in with the background. You’d like to make a massive statement every time you leave your front door. But the current culture – for whatever reason – doesn’t seem to allow it. 

Fortunately, there are ways around this little conundrum. It turns out that you can make a statement with your outfit and get people to notice you, without taking unprecedented risks. It’s all about clever use of colors and bold, daring moves that also look great at the same time. 

As always, what you wear should reflect your personality. If you’re a very shy and quiet person, putting on a bright suit and strutting confidently into the office might not seem like something you can do. And it’ll probably come off as quite jarring for your colleagues. 

If, however, you’re starting somewhere new or have an impressive character, then making a bold statement could be just what you need to improve your career and boost your personal appeal. 

So what statement clothing choices should you be making? How can you break out of the current, dull male clothing paradigm? Check out these ideas. 

Start Wearing Colored-Lens Sunglasses

Colored lenses were a massive hit in the 1990s, but during the early 2000s, they took a backseat. Now, though, we’re seeing them making a big comeback, thanks partly to the retro movement, and partly because so many celebs are now sporting colored sunglasses. 

Orange sunglasses are now a big hit in the longevity community. Anyone taking supplements like resveratrol and NMN also usually like to complete their anti-aging look with some orange sunglasses. Ray Kurzweil – Google’s chief of engineering – does this on a regular basis, and now he has a massive following of people doing something similar. 

The color of the sunglasses you choose depends on the rest of the clothes that you wear. According to experts, blue and grey lenses are ideal for people who wear more minimalist clothing to work, while green and orange are for a more maverick look. 

Patterned Suits

The patterned suit is the quintessentially bold statement in the workplace. Very few people ever manage to pull it off in their careers. It’s tremendously difficult. 

But if you have the gravitas, then it’s worth giving it a go. Before you start covering yourself in tartan, be sure that the suit fits you perfectly – there’s nothing worse than a baggy statement piece. 

If you’re wearing it for a formal occasion, just be careful that you’re not breaking the dress code. Statement pieces are okay at the office party, but they might go against the rules at a wedding or formal dinner. 

If you’re worried that a patterned suit is too much of a statement, try wearing just a patterned jacket and pairing it with more neutral pants. You can also use separates to tone things down if that’s what you require. 

Wear A Neckerchief

Wearing a neckerchief doesn’t usually serve much of a functional purpose (unless your job happens to be a ship’s mate). But it is something that can look darn good when paired with the right outfit. What’s more, it’s something that hardly anyone is actually doing right now. There are so few neckerchief wearers out there, it’s shocking. 

Neckerchiefs tend to work best between June as September as a kind of summer scarf. You can think of it as a bandana-style accessory, though it looks great with a suit and tie as well. 

Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans were a big hit in the nineties, but then the fashion world forgot about them almost entirely, thanks to the invention of the skinny jean. Now, though, these traditional garments are making a big comeback and looking great at the same time. 

For many of us, cropped jeans provide a little nostalgia. We like the idea of going back to the nineties – a simpler, easier time. And our clothing can reflect that. 

Cropped jeans tend to look best when worn with desert boosts and in a relaxed fit. Try not to overdo it on the tightness – it’s not a good look. 

If you’re a little bit overweight or like the old-school skater look, then you can try wearing cropped jeans with “athleisure” wear. 

Political T-Shirts

Never has the nation been more divided over politics, thanks to totally different visions for what the country should be. And it is hard to imagine the war of words going away any time soon. 

Activism is, in this context, a great way to make a statement and get everyone talking. Donald Trump shirts, for instance, are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the man’s celebrity status and the values he stood for. However, he isn’t the only option you have. What you wear depends very much on your political persuasion. 

Again, whether you should wear a political t-shirt depends on who you are and your purposes. These shirts are great if you’re attending a rally, but maybe not suitable for the workplace, especially if your company has a particular ideology and doesn’t allow freedom of expression. 

Floral Shirts

Over recent years, we’ve seen a range of celebrities wearing plain shirts. It all comes out of the rather curious Nordic menswear movements which are attempting to fill men’s wardrobes with more Scandinavian influence and patterns.

But there’s been a bit of a rebellion against this. A lot of men are looking for something more spirited and flamboyant. They appreciate the IKEA-like nature of these garments, but life isn’t just about going to work and solving problems. It’s also about living and expressing yourself. 

If you decide to wear a floral shirt, opt for plain chinos and boots. Keep the rest of your outfit as simple and as neutral as you can to avoid creating too much visual confusion. Also, be sure to tuck the shirt in, as this will help to complete the look and make you appear sleeker. 

Light Pants

Most menswear stores focus exclusively on darker pants to pair with their existing range of jackets. But if you want to make a statement, try lightening things up a little. White pants aren’t forbidden. They’re encouraged. 

White trousers have an unusual knack for polarizing opinion. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how legwear should look. But you don’t have to follow the crowd. In fact, that’s the whole point of statement clothing.

If you have very pale skin, you might want to try adding a bit of fake tan to the bottom of your leg. This helps to create more contrast between your skin and the trousers themselves. 

Pastel Blazers

If you haven’t got a pastel blazer yet, you’re missing out. These gorgeous items look great in the office, especially when the weather is blizzarding outside. 

Pastel blazers are the ultimate accompaniment to the Great Gatsby look. And they’re currently a massive trend in the menswear movement. Fashion houses are pushing pastel colors, like lime and turquoise strongly in 2021, so expect to see many more men donning this particular item of clothing. 

We’re already seeing pastel blazers making it into pop culture. Olly Murs, for instance, has made these blazers a stape. 

When choosing a pastel blazer, try to keep the rest of your outfit simple. Go for a crisp white shirt and combine it with a back roll neck if you’re going out in the evening. 

If you wear a pastel blazer, you don’t want to come off as somebody who is trying too hard. So opt for a casual look and try to keep everything else as simple as you can. 

Ankle Boots

There’s no reason why men can’t wear ankle boots. In fact, they’re high fashion at the moment and making appearances across the fashion world. 

Where possible, look for sleek and stylish ankle boots that complement the rest of your wardrobe. You don’t need to take any risks here by wearing something thick or heavy. Just look for plain shoes that cover your ankles and provide you with a little protection. 

If you live in a cold wet climate, look for leather or faux leather. This material tends to keep the rain off better than other options, such as suede or eco-fiber. If you want your shoes made of compostable material, then save them for the warmer, drier summer months. Alternatively, be sure to treat them regularly with waterproofing wax – a tool you can use to keep your socks nice and dry. 

Ankle boots tend to look best when paired with chinos, but they are quite flexible. If you have particularly long legs, make sure that the boots you wear are a little shorter than the ankle. Wearing particularly tall boots will make your legs look extra long, which probably isn’t a look that you particularly want. 

Even in 2021, making a statement remains possible. There are risks that you can take to express yourself and expand your wardrobe. You don’t have to stick with the same old dull styles. Try these ideas and do something different this year.

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