Times Celebrities Caused Car Accidents

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Celebrities are people, too. They make mistakes and even find themselves in trouble with the law. You may not be aware that some of your favorite musicians and actors caused some pretty serious accidents. Here are seven times when celebrities caused car accidents. 

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has actually caused multiple car accidents. This young actress was on top of the world until she found herself stuck in a world of alcohol and drugs. She was arrested many times (with some beautiful mug shots). In one incident, she totaled a rented Porsche and got arrested for a hit and run. 

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner must have been in a hurry when she rear-ended the person in front of her in her Cadillac Escalade on a highway in California. The car she rear-ended hit another vehicle. Unfortunately, a 69-year-old woman was injured as a result of the accident. Jenner never got charged for the accident because it was an accident. 

However, since it was her fault, she did have to pay a hefty settlement in civil court. She was just lucky she was a part of a family with close ties to attorneys that can build a strong case for her. 

Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn is a tragic reminder of the colossal loss that can occur after making the decision to drink and drive. Ryan was most well known for his association with MTV’s Jackass crew. 

While many of the cast have been able to control their demons, Ryan’s time with us was sadly cut short when he got into a car accident in California after a night of partying. His blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit. While he made this horrifying mistake that cost his life, we can still remember the joy he brought to others and the lessons his story can teach us. 

Matthew Broderick

Broderick and fiancé Jennifer Grey were on a vacation in Ireland when the unthinkable happened. Broderick, driving a rented BMW, struck another car. Two women died as a result of the accident. 

Broderick and Grey luckily lived, but they will carry scars with them for the rest of their lives. Broderick did not wind up punished too severely. In fact, he only got charged with careless driving. 

Dennis Rodman

You may think you can get away with just about anything after you are part of the 90s Chicago Bulls. Dennis Rodman was driving on the wrong side of the road when his erratic driving caused another driver to crash. 

To make matters worse, Rodman left the scene of the accident. Ultimately, he was charged with lying to the police and a hit and run. He was on probation for three years. 

Nick Hogan

Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick, found himself in some serious trouble after he decided to drag race his Toyota Supra with friends. When he lost control of the vehicle, he ended up causing a very serious accident that paralyzed a friend for life. He was sentenced to serve eight months in jail, but that is nothing compared to the guilt he carries with him. 

Halle Berry

Halle Berry was another person who ended up in a hit and run. When she blew a red light, she ended up colliding with another driver. Cops found her with a cut on her head at her home. She was charged with a hit and run. She also received three years probation. 

You deserve the same treatment as a celebrity after they get into a serious accident. Talk to your local lawyer to learn how you can get the best defense possible. 


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